Dahlia Scribes is a strange character who operates outside of the PPC organization. She is written by Voyd.



Dahlia is a tall, attractive young woman with paws on her arms and legs, a bushy tail, and cat ears, all of which are covered in striped purple fur. Her hair is brown, with purple stripes, and she usually wears a purple dress.


Dahlia is a playful individual, who enjoys making jokes and perverted comments. She likes playing pranks on others with her abilities.

Dahlia is not a PPC agent; in fact, she's not part of the organization at all. She does find agents fairly interesting, and uses her new job as an MST host to meet new people.


Dahlia is a Cheshire Cat from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe (and claims that she used to be human), and she is thus able to fly, turn invisible, and teleport. She has a few exceptional abilities that go beyond the norm for her species, however, and waves them off as magic.



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