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Agent Dafydd Illian-Sims was the founding member of the Department of Geographical Aberrations, and worked in the department until his retirement in 2006 HST. He was created by Huinesoron.

Agent Profile[]


Dafydd has not been Dafydd for very long. At birth he was named in Quenya Kanafinwë Makalaurë, but for most of his life he was known by his Sindarin name: Maglor, son of Fëanor.[2] Any rumours that he once went by Maelor are strictly untrue.[3]

After a very long time hanging about on the beaches of what would ultimately become Wales, Maglor (at least according to the badfic which created the agent version) took on the name Dafydd Illian.[4] This is a Welsh name – it's pronounced "Davith", not "Dafid" (and certainly not "Daffy"). This was the name by which he was known throughout his tenure in the PPC. After his marriage to Constance Sims, they both took some time to decide how to deal with their surnames, but seem to have both settled on Illian-Sims.


Dafydd is a standard Noldorin elf. He is tall, lean, and has long, dark brown (bordering on black) hair and deep grey eyes. Somewhat curiously for fanfiction depictions of his people, his ears are not significantly pointed – they closer approximate the 'leaf shape' Tolkien described. This is possibly because his purpose in the story was not to be identified as an elf until he revealed himself. He made use of this fact to hide his identity from his partner for a long time.

Following his final mission, Dafydd's right arm ends in a stump – his hand was burnt off.[5] Sometimes he forgets this fact.


Dafydd can best be described as 'fey'. Derived from the mildest and most stable son of Fëanor, he is nevertheless erratic and prone to overreaction. He has been known to advocate firebombing entire Word Worlds to deal with Mary Sues,[6] was expelled from the Department of Mary Sues for overusing fire,[7] and is particularly susceptible to Sue-tainted artefacts. His favourite weapons prior to his departure from the PPC were the longbow – which he can no longer use – and a Sue artefact known as the Ring of Sairalindë.[8]

Some part of his characterisation as Evil Maglor was derived from the evil harp he had in his story of origin: he was separated from the main Maglor of that story by the harp being smashed.[4] The resultant 'evil' aspect of his personality hung around until he was gifted a new harp by Takua some years later.[9]

Agent History[]

Before the PPC[]

Dafydd considers his personal history to be identical with that of Maglor, son of Fëanor, from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion. He remembers the death of the Two Trees of Valinor, participating in the three Kinslayings, casting the last Silmaril into the Great Sea, and spending several Ages of Middle-earth wandering the western shores. He places his age at somewhere above 15,000 years;[1] this may be a conscious revision of his memory, as his story of origin claims Fëanor died more than half a million years ago.[4]

Over time, the coast Maglor wandered became part of Wales; Maglor considered himself as the founder of the country,[4] and took the name Dafydd Illian. It is possible he has some connection with historical Welsh figures such as Saint David (a variant of Dafydd) and Saint Illtyd (founder of the first school in Britain). At some point in this period, he acquired an evil harp, which made him bitter and hateful.[4]

Around AD 1970, he encountered a girl named Suzeanna Mariana, a descendent of Beren, Luthien, and Earendil. During his attempts to kill her, she recognised his harp for what it was and smashed it. "The evil elf vanished, and in his place stood Maglor son of Feanor, greatest minstrel in the world."[4]

Due to the clumsiness of the phrasing, Dafydd (as opposed to Maglor) found himself dropped into a plothole. He stayed there until the PPC arrived, being present in the story to deal with the Suvian Suzeanna. Rather than killing him, Mortic Wentway and Alex Orange saw Dafydd's homicidal tendencies as useful, and recruited him to the PPC.


Following his recruitment, Dafydd was placed in the Department of Mary Sues, and partnered with Agent Jared Calinson.[10] For reasons unknown, he concealed his true identity and elvish heritage, pretending to be a mortal human. He was peripherally involved in the events of the Reorganisation: he witnessed the attempted assassination of the Sunflower Official by the mind-controlled Dassie Hyrax[11], and helped escort a captured DIS Guard for interrogation. During this latter operation, he first met Nurse Constance Sims, though neither of them seem to remember the incident.[12]

Dafydd's tenure with the DMS was fairly uneventful. He adopted Thanduril the mini-Balrog from OFUM,[7] and participated in some outreach programs, teaching the bow to prospective PPC agents.[13] All seemed to be going well - up until 2004 HST, when he gave in to long-held feelings about how best to deal with badfic,[6] and burned down half of Rivendell. The SO promptly dismissed him from the Department of Mary Sues.[7]


A chance encounter with the Sunflower Official's secretary of the time, the Bonsai Mallorn, led Dafydd to establish the Department of Geographical Aberrations, in which he would be actively encouraged to do the very thing he had just been punished for.[7] He was soon partnered with Selene Windflower, and undertook a number of missions involving setting large areas of the landscape on fire.[14][15] Early in their partnership, Selene developed something of a crush on Dafydd, but he never returned her feelings.[16]

Dafydd's career in DOGA was much more eventful than his time in the DMS. From March to May 2004, he was semi-officially repartnered with Vemi Fincaran.[17] During this time, he was taken captive by a Suvian invading HQ, and released by Vemi and Penny Smith.[18]

After Vemi's (temporary[19]) retirement,[20] Dafydd resumed working with Selene, but was also given a new temporary/occasional partner: Constance Sims. On his initial mission with her, he revealed his true species and identity for the first time.[21] He continued to take missions with his two partners - and, after her return, Vemi as well[19] - for the next year and a half.

Outside of the PPC, Dafydd lent his aid to a handful of other multiversal organisations. He helped Ispace defeat a fangirl invasion of Middle-earth,[22] and guided Lizzie Cottis in her infiltration of the Suvian academy TAMS.[23] (The fact that he and Selene later nearly killed Lizzie is beside the point.)[24]

Dafydd undertook increasingly dangerous missions as time passed. He began to acquire[8] and use[25] Suvian artefacts, such as the Ring of Sairalindë. He took on a mission which required pulling in most of the rest of the PPC to help exorcise the Suvian from Middle-earth itself.[26] Eventually, he and Selene were sent into the Legendary Badfic Legolas by laura.[27]

Dafydd and Constance

Dafydd's personal relationships also developed. His friendship with Constance Sims developed into something more, with them sharing their first kiss in the aftermath of the mass exorcism.[28] Following the healing of his personality accomplished by Agent Takua's gift of a new harp,[9] he and Constance entered into a deep romantic relationship.

Ultimately, Dafydd's career came to a head when Constance was assigned the Legendary Badfic Celebrian. Dafydd insisted on accompanying her. At the end of the mission, he used the Ring of Sairalindë to do the Duty, but couldn't control it and was killed.[29]


Dafydd and Constance's wedding

Constance managed to return Dafydd to life, and at the same time to persuade the Valar that they didn't want to see either of them down in Mandos ever again.[5] The couple convinced the Board of Department Heads to let them retire from the PPC.[30] Following their engagement[31] and wedding, they found a new home in Malij,[32] an island nation in an unpublished world, which they did their best not to insert too many anachronisms into.[32]

For the next few years, the couple stayed (mostly)[33] away from the PPC. Between 2007 and 2013 HST they had five children: Tanfin Illian, Jasmine Sims, Belladonna Illian-Sims, Daphne Illian-Sims, and Oleander Illian-Sims. They also acquired a pair of fire-lizards, with Dafydd's being bronze Ilwion. They took some time to settle on how their married names would work, but ultimately chose to hyphenate them, leading Dafydd to call himself Dafydd Illian-Sims.

Sheaf of Worlds[]

Dafydd, Constance, and their fire lizards

In 2013, Dafydd and Constance received a visit from Narto Telyan and Lou,[34] which seems to have catalysed their return to PPC society. Within a year, they had involved themselves in the multiversal Ispace Wars,[35] joining with Narto, Lou, and Fëamintë Fioncarnë to form the Sheaf of Worlds, resisting encroachment by both Ispace and the PPC into the lives of multiverse dwellers.[36]

Dancing at Club Aujourd'hui

Once the war was ended, the couple were happy to return to the HQ and New Caledonia social scene. They signed their children up for the Sprout Movement,[37] and Dafydd began to contribute to the NTV entertainment program. They both signed up for various seasons of the PPC Hunger Games, and by the fifth season Dafydd was acting as presenter.[38] They began to be seen more and more around the PPC, socialising[1] and even dancing.

New Caledonia[]

Christmas at the Illian-Sims house

In late 2021, possibly prompted by a number of close calls regarding introducing anachronisms to Malij, the Illian-Sims family relocated to New Caledonia, moving into a large house on the Rue Rina Dives and naming it Plas Illian-Sims.[39] They presumably enrolled their children in one of the city's schools; Dafydd and Constance were seen at the (Southern) Summer Solstice bonfire,[40] and the family settled into their new home in time to make Christmas gingerbread sculptures.


For the author's recommended reading order, see #Mission Log.

Years of the Trees
  • Born Kanafinwë Makalaurë, son of Fëanor & Nerdanel, in Tirion, Valinor.
  • Joins his father in exile in Formenos.
  • Witnesses from afar the death of the Two Trees.
  • Flees Formenos before the advance of Melkor.
  • Swears the Oath of Fëanor in Tirion.
  • Takes part in the Kinslaying at Alqualondë.
First Age
  • Follows his father to Beleriand.
  • Stands aside at the burning of the ships at Losgar.
  • Witnesses his father's death.
  • Is briefly High King of the Noldor during Maedhros' captivity.
  • Takes up residence in Maglor's Gap, and becomes primary horse-breeder for the Noldor.
  • Composed the lament Noldolantë, the Fall of the Noldor.
  • Is driven back to Himring during the Dagor Bragollach.
  • Slays Uldor the Accursed at the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, but is wounded and forced to retreat into the woods of Ossiriand.
  • Participates in the Kinslayings at Doriath and the Havens.
  • Adopts Elrond and Elros.
  • Stays well out of the War of Wrath and the final defeat of Morgoth.
  • With his elder brother, steals the two remaining Silmarils, but is burnt by his and cast it into the Great Sea.
Second through Seventh Ages
  • Wanders the shores of Middle-earth in despair and grief, ultimately in the parts that became Wales.
  • At some point acquires an evil harp.[4]
  • Takes the name Dafydd Illian.
  • Encounters Suzeanna Mariana, the last descendent of Beren, Luthien, Earendil, and Elwing.
May 1999
June 1999
  • 'Jihad' - Advocates setting fire to everything. Is told no.
September 2003
  • The Rivendell Incident - burns down half of Rivendell.
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Notable Missions[]

Dafydd has tackled two Legendary Badfics: "legolas by laura" and "Celebrian." He was not happy about either of them.

Missions Reports[]

For a chronological list of all appearances, see #Timeline.

Partnered with Selene Windflower[]

Semi-officially partnered with Vemi Fincaran (DMS)[]

Partnered with Constance Sims, Selene, and Vemi[]




Alternate Versions[]


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