DIS Central was the centre of operations for the DIS. Like its successor, only the main room, the prison wing, and the department head's office were shown, but it was presumably larger. The DIS's control centre was shown on a few occasions as well, most notably during their war with the rest of the PPC. Individual Guards are known to have had their own rooms in Central.

During the events of the Reorganisation, Blue Photon, The Disentangler and many others were imprisoned here, a number of them being murdered by Twp'atwt during the closing moments of the war. Nyx Nightingale was also forcibly recruited to the DIS when she was sent to Central by the Sunflower Official, to ascertain the truth behind rumours of Carreg Sarna's murder by Tango Dioxide.

After the Reorganisation, it was dismantled, to make way for the Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent.

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