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DIA Central is the headquarters and control centre for the Department of Internal Affairs. It was taken over by the Black Cats during their invasion, and used as their primary base of operations, though they were driven out by the end of the crisis.

Central's current layout is unknown, but it's said to have been much expanded from its incarnation before the Cats invaded. Before the invasion, and the DIA's subsequent reformation, Central was more of a collection of RCs, without even a prison, though there was still an office for the Tiger Lily, control centre and quarters for the officers. There were a number of secret passages into and out of Central, but all but one were closed by the Hust Twins; as this was a leading factor in how many casualties the DIA suffered during the Cats' attack, it isn't known if they have been reopened, or even used as part of the rebuilding. As of present, Central occupies multiple levels and has much more advanced security systems, along with a number of added locations.

There is only one "official" entry into Central, which opens directly into the main lobby and front desk. Basilico Andretti's office can also be found here, as can the entrance into Central's prison area and corridors leading further into the complex. The exact locations of the Tiger Lily's and Dúros Black's offices aren't known yet.

Known Locations[]

  • DIA Central control centre
  • Offices for the Tiger Lily and her lieutenants in HQ
  • Officers' quarters
  • Prison, including cells converted from Response Centres
  • A large number of training rooms, described as "high quality"
  • Interrogation rooms, at least one of which is a repurposed Reality Room.
  • Portal shield, hidden deep in the complex and well-guarded
  • Armoury
  • Presumably, there's an archival area where the Blba Tree works.