Dúros Black is the head of the Department of Internal Affairs' Special Response Division, a former agent of the Department of Mary Sues and the husband of Talia Nightsong.

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Agent Black looks like most Noldor, being tall and slender but strong, with long black hair, grey eyes, and slightly pointed ears.[1] He tends to wear black, in the form of his uniform,[1] but also has a liking for silver and blue.[2]

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Dúros seems to be aloof, sometimes deliberately mysterious,[1] and serious of temperament, though when it comes to those he cares about he is very protective. He is a dedicated officer of the DIA, fond of literature and poetry, and a keen martial artist who practises Aikido and Isshin-Ryu Karate along with keeping up his swordsmanship.[3] He seems to get on decently with most of his fellow agents, though he used to be wary of fellow lieutenant Basilico Andretti's comparative youth and inexperience, as well as the drastic changes he and the Tiger Lily made to the department. This led to a somewhat strained office life.[4]

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While it isn't known when exactly Agent Black arrived at the PPC, he lived in Gondolin before coming to HQ[5] and, after some time spent working in the Department of Mary Sues, found himself transferred to the DIA. By 2003, he was already an experienced agent, and regarded as one of the Tiger Lily's best,[6] to the point of self-identifying as 'in charge of' the department.[1] Around this time, he also came to own a pet dragon named Silvanariel, though it's unknown if he still does.

Sometime in early 2004,[7] Black and Irvine were involved in attempting to capture or kill the 'Red Sue' who was causing trouble for the PPC.[8] The outcome of their intervention is unknown.

At around the same time, Dúros was sent to rescue Agent Talia Nightsong from a badfic she had gotten trapped in.[1] His fondness for her, which began before they had actually met,[1] developed into a complicated relationship, during which he formed an empathic bond with her.[9] This relationship would lead to Dúros and Talia getting married on March 18, 2005.[10] While one of Talia's partners, Agent Archer, turned out to be a child of theirs from the future, it is unknown if he or any other children have been conceived yet. They are, or possibly were, also technically the parents of Alec Troven thanks to one of his DNA shifts,[11] and Dúros is now a grandfather thanks to Archer's marriage to Teena-chan.

By 2006, Agent Black was seen as the Tiger Lily's second-in-command, and when the Black Cats invaded Headquarters that June, he was among the survivors of the surprise attack on DIA Central, helping lead the others to link up with the Department of External Security and mount a counteroffensive. He presumably fought at the battle in front of the Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent, and after the defeat of the Cats and Mysterious Somebody's army, took part in mopup operations and securing Central from any remaining hostiles.[12]

In the aftermath of the invasion, the Tiger Lily took steps to rebuild the DIA into a more effective force that could better police and defend the PPC, working with Basilico Andretti to reorganise the department. As part of this, Agents Andretti and Black were promoted to positions as the Tiger Lily's lieutenants and placed in charge of two new divisions of the DIA; Black was given Special Response, which handles special operations and field assistance for agents trapped in missions gone wrong. He is likely still performing this duty, though he has taken part in at least one of Patrol Division's investigations, questioning the Bonsai Mallorn about the escape of Selene Windflower from FicPsych.[13] According to Admiral Pansy, he and Irvine bother him whenever one of the Department of Bad Parody's Troll Division goes Flamethrower-crazy.

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Dúros had a spinoff with Agent Irvine on the Bad Role-play Department site; only a few of the stories there have survived the closing of Geocities.

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Dúros is mentioned in many Character Journals in addition to his own.

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