Cycle Theory is an opinion held by some agents of the PPC, particularly in the Infrastructure Departments, that the PPC is regressing – that its methods and technology, having reached a peak in the era of the Lord of the Rings films, are now moving back towards the original Organisation's levels. Examples they cite include:

  • The issuing of TARDISes to many agents, allowing them to undertake missions without setting foot in the Word World until the very end.
  • The acquisition by the PPC of a number of Sun Crushers and other world-destroying hardware, which allow the Protectors to return to the old methods of simply blowing up everything in view.
  • The creation of the Mass Neuralyzer, which removes the need for personal action in neuralyzing canons.
  • The use by some agents of old-fashioned fixed portals, built into the console rather than free-standing.
  • The increasingly heavy-handed actions of the Department of Internal Affairs, which seem to hearken back not to the Organisation but to the Department of Internal Security, may or may not be relevant.

Of course, it is only a theory...

Known Proponents Edit

  • Agent Sambar, Department of Finance

On the Board Edit

It has been generally agreed by Boarders that if it is happening, Cycle Theory is definitely not a good thing. Along with the examples pointed out above, it's worth noting that cycles would tend to lead towards Emergencies, which are both not very fun and not really what any of us want to write.

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