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"Never get between an agent and the subjects she's passionate about. Believe me, I learned that the hard way."

- "Giant Sonic All-Out Attack," Act 2

Cupid Edward Carmine is an angel from Skyworld and formerly a Sue-wraith, who was converted into an agent by Lady Palutena. He is written by SkarmorySilver.

Agent Profile[]


Cupid was once an Impetus miserabilis: a Sue-wraith that creates a past so tragic that the canon characters, and even OCs, cannot help but pity it. It is not known exactly what he looked like while he possessed Pit, but when he was exorcised, he took on a form similar to the evil canonical spirit, the Chaos Kin. This Sue-wraith was enormous and black-colored, with six spear-like legs, a skeletal hooked tail, ragged, moth-like wings, and a single white eye at the front of its spiked carapace.

Because the backstory the Sue-wraith had intended to give to Pit was actually quite reasonable (and merely used as an excuse to angst rather than warp the canon completely), Palutena created an identical body for said backstory to be applied to. As such, Cupid looks exactly like the modern version of Pit: he has large blue eyes and many tufts in his brown hair, including a single unruly cowlick, as well as a pair of white, feathered wings; his hands and especially his feet are also quite huge for his size. To distinguish him from the canonical Pit (and give credit to his surname besides), his toga/chiton is pale pinkish red with a bright red scarf, though decorated with the same red and gold hems with vine-like patterns as Pit's chiton. It is fastened on the shoulder by a single gold fibula, though instead of a red gem like Pit, it now bears his department flash patch. He wears the outfit with a dark pink belt and a gold triangular buckle. Cupid also wears a skin-tight purplish black undershirt and shorts beneath his toga, as opposed to Pit's navy blue underwear. His wrist cuffs, gold laurel crown, arm bracelet, and thigh ring are the same as Pit's, except with the same dark pink color as his belt in place of the canonical brown. Cupid's sandals are a brownish red, decorated with crossing red-orange bands and fuzzy white trim.


Cupid inherits Pit's abilities as well as his appearance, and he is more than willing to use them if applicable to the continuum he is visiting. The biggest difference between him and the canonical angel is that he can actually fly on his own, though not very well. Without a goddess to provide the Power of Flight, he has to use the Wings of Icarus up-special from Super Smash Bros. Brawl (don't ask how he got it, it's a long story). His other special moves are quite different as well. Instead of the Palutena Bow, he uses the Angel Bow, which shoots weak and slow moving projectiles which nonetheless home in on enemies, which can be useful for catching moving targets. His side-special is the Ninja Palm, which shoots a close-range volley of needles and can inflict a painful series of chi-blocking jabs. His down-special is the Eyetrack Orbitars, a souvenir from his first mission, which shoot the best homing projectiles among any weapon from his home game.

Though technically a clone of Pit in the same way that Dark Pit is in Smash Bros. for the Wii U/3DS, Cupid is somewhat slower but also more resilient. Aside from lightning-fast defensive reflexes and a powerful forward-aerial drop-kick (personally dubbed "The Winemaker"), he has also learned to use his wings like feathery shields to deflect incoming attacks.


Cupid is, to put it bluntly, a "Pollyanna"—the term coming from the perpetually optimistic title character of Eleanor Porter's 1913 novel. Being a former embodiment of depression and angst took a serious toll on his morale, but ever since he was taught to be happy by one of the agents who rescued him, he's practically never stopped smiling. If anything, his personality is an exaggerated version of Pit's canon behavior: hyperactive, excitable, quirky, outgoing, and highly talkative, though he often speaks and acts in non sequiturs, and hides deep-seated insecurities about his past as a Sue-wraith. His first instinct is to make everyone around him smile, and as such he despises wangst in badfics, particularly if the character in question is supposed to have a cheerful and idealistic disposition. However, Cupid's own idealism—and to some extent, his hedonism—can render him morally blind himself, and without a goddess to direct him, he tends to slack off and get easily distracted even when on the job. Because of this, he is often not taken seriously even by his own partners, who occasionally call him out on his seemingly illogical behavior and reasoning—though he is nonetheless more than capable of proving himself if the situation calls for it.

Cupid's two biggest weaknesses are his love of pretty girls and his love of alcohol. The latter is slightly more potent and derived from his original fic, though given his age when he became an angel (at least in the backstory given to him in his homefic), he has taken a liking to Bleeprin products instead, namely Bleeport and any relations thereof. Unfortunately, his eternal youth has the particularly nasty side-effect of handling even alcohol substitutes rather poorly, and in the midst of enduring the agony of bad writing, he often forgets that he's supposed to gently sip of the stuff, not quaff it like nobody's business. Results may vary from running off after even minor distractions and making lewd and occasionally insensitive comments every two minutes to loudly slurring Greek swear-words and even passing out while on Duty. However, he always remembers to pour the Bleeport into a goblet or shot glass first, even for very bad scenes—well, for most instances where he needs a freaking drink, anyway. Skyworld forbid if he starts drinking it straight from the bottle.

Cupid is bisexual, romantically appreciating both genders, although he has a marked preference for females, no doubt due to the abundance of beautiful women in his home continuum. Being the pleasure-seeking, fun-loving, hormone-crazed teenager he is, Cupid is also a nigh-insufferable flirt; his habit of ogling at Lust Objects means he has to take Anti-Lustin often and must also be refrained from talking to most canons in case he blurts out something lascivious. Oddly enough, female agents are a bit of an exception to this rule, partly due to his origins as a Sue-wraith and his resultant care not to get on the bad side of anyone from the PPC. He also has a preference for characters who appear older than he does, so underaged female characters, canon or otherwise, are also safe. Mary Sues, of course, are totally exempt from this habit, and he'd rather just kill them like anyone else would.

Despite his innocent appearance, Cupid is actually quite dirty-minded and kinky, and not only does he regularly think of inappropriate things, but he also isn't afraid to say them. He can be expected to make surprisingly mature-rated jokes about the antics of the Word World in almost every badfic he goes through (to the obvious dismay of his partners), and it can only be imagined what would come out of his mouth if he ever gets a mission involving bad slash, dubious sexual practices, or other such smut alongside a badly written crossover.

Agent History[]

Cupid was originally a higher-order Sue-wraith who possessed Pit in a Kid Icarus badfic (which has since been deleted for reasons unknown). This particular Sue-wraith gave Pit a speculative backstory of what he was like as a human, which actually wasn't as inconsistent with canon as most fanmade backstories in badfic tend to be. Unfortunately, it wasn't used properly—instead of weaving it into the canon in a reasonable and tactful manner, the Sue-wraith attempted to force it upon Pit, and caused him to suffer from painful and near-lethal amounts of wangst throughout most of the fic.

Prior to the fic's deletion, Agents Sarah Katherine Squall and Rashida Mafdetiti ventured into it to rescue the canonical angel, and exorcised the Sue-wraith, then known as Pit Edward White, who took on a physical form and confronted the agents. It would have succeeded in causing tremendous bodily harm to them, the supposed Sue of the fic, and several bit characters—that is, if it weren't for the timely intervention of Palutena, who cleansed the Sue-wraith of its badly written aspects with the help of the agents and created a duplicate body for it to inhabit. Pit Edward White was taken to Medical and treated for the injuries he had sustained in the battle, during which he had his first real conversation with Sarah and learned about what he really was. Thankfully, she helped him create a new identity for himself, and also taught him how to smile—in her own... special way.

Needless to say, Cupid has never looked back since then.

Charge list[]

Cupid's charge list was, as read by Sarah: "Attempted subjugation of the canonical character of Pit; creating a trajeck backstory that's inconsistent with said canon's history; forcing Pit to act completely OOC as well as do things that would be more appropriate for Conker's Bad Fur Day than the continuum [his] homefic took place in, namely by way of 'memory sickness'; attempting to forge Twu Wuv between Pit and an OC (who has also been charged with being a Mary Sue, by the way); suggesting a method of creating angels that's chock-full of unfortunate implications; and attempting to tie all of that into the known canonical info in a poorly written manner, specifically for the sake of making people pity the person [he was] controlling."


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