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Crispin Reed is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Tomato.

Agent Profile[]


Crispin is a human male, tall, with messy brown hair. He wears a long black coat in which he stores many useful things, such as books, bananas, matches, and perhaps a satsuma or two. He typically is carrying (and talking with) his CAD, which is sentient.


Crispin is a sci-fi and comic book geek, although he has been kept from most of his preferred continua by Maria's refusal to work in science fiction. He is generally easy-going and rather organized, and usually the one to keep track of charges during missions. He is very squicked by slash of all kinds.

Agent History[]


Nothing is known about Crispin's life before the PPC, other than that he comes from the Real World.

PPC Career[]

Crispin began his career in the Department of Geographical Aberrations, where he was partnered with Agent Coriander Johnsson. Coriander went insane after a Harry Potter fic misplaced England, Romania, and Wales. After Coriander snapped, Crispin was transferred to the Department of Mary Sues and partnered with Maria Falcone. They have been partners for over a year. They share their response centre with four minis and Crispin's CAD. For a brief time in April 2008, the two worked with Moon Sonata. On a mission during the Macrovirus Epidemic, the three encountered Agent Coriander, who escaped in the chaos of the quarantine. Moon cut off Coriander's arm, but the rogue agent Apparated away before he could be captured. Moon has since gone on to different partners. Crispin's latest projects include proving that his CAD follows the Three Laws of Robotics and keeping Maria from murdering Michel Javert.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Centre 24601

Partnered with Maria Falcone[]