The Creepy Bloodstained Victorians Protection Society (CBVPS) is an organization created to, as the name suggests, protect Creepy Bloodstained Victorians, usually from the effects of badfic. It is housed in the basements of the PPC Headquarters. It also is the site of the Mini-Razor Adoption Center. Known members were founders Tia Giltine and Car'rok.

It is important to note that the people protected by the CBVPS need not actually be bloodstained or Victorian. If they murder people, they count as bloodstained; if they are "Victorianish," that's close enough.

Characters Protected by the CBVPS Edit

This is not a complete list—new CBVs can be nominated.

  • Dracula (Alucard)
  • Dr Frankenstein/Frankenstein's Monster
  • Prof. Ratigan
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Li H'sen Chang
  • Mrs. Lovett (Actually, almost all the main characters in Sweeney Todd qualify.)
  • Tyki

External Links Edit

The CBVPS home was located on LiveJournal, but sadly, the journal has been purged. The link was:

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