The Corkscrew Cattail, a member of a species native to the Age of Edanna in the Mystverse, serves as the PPC's Field Coordinator. Essentially, it seems to be in charge of managing complex operations outside of HQ in case of problems that cannot simply be resolved from within. It is attached to the Department of Operations.

The Corkscrew Cattail is known to have been in its current position during the emergency-saturated year of 2008, since it was in charge of keeping track of all the TARDISes reporting to New Caledonia during the Macrovirus Epidemic (and was referred to as the "TARDIS coordinator"). It also worked with the Yertis (DIA, New Caledonia Division Head) and Captain Dandy (DES, Department Head) to put together the operation to clear the macroviruses from HQ using Mirror!Honesah and her force of controlled Daleks. The same force helped to combat the Mary Sue Invasion shortly thereafter, but it is unknown if the Corkscrew Cattail maintained its involvement at that point.

What it does when there isn't a PPC-wide emergency going on is not known.


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