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If you're looking for the Department Head of the Department of Redundancy Department, see Coriander.

Coriander Johnsson, also known as Cori, Andy, and "the young man," is a rogue agent, formerly of the Department of Geographical Aberrations. He is written by Tomato.

Agent Profile[]


Coriander is a dark-skinned human male with wild black hair and normally wears black Hogwarts robes. He is typically brandishing a HP-verse wand. Following the events of the Macrovirus Epidemic, he is missing his right arm from the elbow down.

In his disguise as "Andy," his appearance is utterly unremarkable, with no distinguishing features.


Agent Coriander is psychotic, paranoid, and homicidal—the full extent of his insanity has not yet been determined. He has a fervent hatred of the Flowers and sees himself as the victim of countless wrongs that must be avenged. Agents are warned that this person is very dangerous, armed with HP-verse magic, and should not be approached without backup.

Agent History[]

Coriander was a minor character in a Harry Potter x D&D crossover, recruited to the PPC by two as-of-yet unknown agents. He was assigned to DOGA and partnered with Crispin Reed. After working with Crispin for some months, Cori snapped during a fic that misplaced England, Romania, and Wales, and attempted to murder half the population of Hogwarts. He was then sent to FicPsych, where he remained for almost a year. Shortly before the macrovirus crisis, Coriander managed to escape FicPsych in possession of his wand. He attempted to recruit Crispin's current partner, Moon Sonata, for a rebellion against the Flowers and tried to murder Crispin and his other partner, Maria, but Moon refused his offer and sliced Cori's arm off at the elbow. Coriander Apparated away before he could be captured, and is still at large.


Home: Response Centre #24601

Coriander has no missions on record. His appearance during the macrovirus crisis can be found at Maria and Crispin's website.