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The Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile, sometimes called the Continuity Council of Gallifrey, or often simply the Continuity Council, is an organisation of Time Lords in the PPC. They were established to monitor their home continuum in the absence of Gallifrey, and ensure that it is prepared for the return of the Time Lords.

Members of the Council[]

The original Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile

The Council's members are essentially self-appointed, having selected their own positions and even created them for themselves.[1] There is no established procedure for joining the Council,[2] and not every PPC Time Lord is a member - nor wants to be.[3]

The councillors are given specific fields of responsibility, and each has a title signifying their role.[1] The titles consist of a gemstone name and a descriptive noun; the gems are organised by colour into a rainbow, and no two councillors share the same colour.[1] In high-speed situations, the councillors sometimes refer to each other by colour.[4]

Original Members[]

The Continuity Council before the Librarian's retirement

  • The Fisherman - Ruby Shipwright (Red), responsible for the welfare of HQ's TARDISes.
  • Morgan - Tigereye Castellan (Orange), responsible for the security of the Council.
  • The Reader - Citrine Theorist (Yellow), responsible for reconciling plotholes in the canonical depiction of Gallifrey.
    • The Reader also currently covers the role of Onyx Monitor (Black), responsible for watching over Time Lords in fanfic, determining if any should be recruited, and keeping an eye on new PPC Time Lords.
  • The Disentangler - Sapphire Watcher (Blue), responsible for monitoring the Doctor Who TV series.
  • The Agent - Amethyst Keeper (Purple/Pink), responsible for monitoring the extended Doctor Who canon.
    • The Disentangler and the Agent occasionally swap roles, apparently for no other reason than to confuse their colleagues.
  • The Notary - Spinel Promotor (Grey), responsible for presenting the dissenting viewpoint.

Additional Members[]

  • The Aviator - Moonstone Sentry (White), responsible for monitoring Doctor Who fanfiction, especially fics concerning Gallifrey.

Retired Members[]

  • The Librarian - Jade Warden (Green), responsible for monitoring the timelines of the home universe.