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The Coffee Lounge is, like it sounds: a lounge in Headquarters. Unlike the PPC Lounge, it is much smaller, having been a response center at some point in the past before being converted into its present state.

The coffee lounge is not run by anyone, but instead presumably maintained by the various agents and civilians who use it.

The coffee lounge has no console, but instead has a length of counter with an installed sink. A coffee machine and electric kettle are also present, as are a rack of mugs, a tea bin, and a coffee container, as well as a basket of sugar, sweetener, and creamer packets. In short, everything the not-too-picky agent could want when it comes to a hot drink with some caffeine. Those with more discerning taste would need to bring their own.

There is also a lumpy couch, a few armchairs, and several small folding tables and collapsible chairs, along with a bookcase filled with ratty paperbacks.

Due to the assortment of furniture squashed into what was once a normal-sized response center, the coffee lounge is described as "very homey." A better description may well be "cramped."