The Clancyverse is a universe involving an Earth parallel to the Real World, detailed in several series of action-thriller novels by author Tom Clancy. It is known for its heavy focus on politics, diplomacy, and military conflict in addition to a healthy dose of action-thriller content, and has remained highly popular since its debut in 1984. It is noted for largely attempting to remain, if not realistic, as plausible as possible. Four of the novels in the central series, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears, have been turned into movies, and numerous video games have been released with the author directing the writing (though not all of these are connected to the main series).

It has been compared to the Cusslerverse.

Basic Universe Analysis Edit

The Clancyverse is a highly political universe, focusing on international relations, especially during the Cold War, in which time a large number of its novels are set. Due to the general attempts to remain as at least mostly realistic and technically accurate, Sues in this universe are fairly rare, since its structure doesn't offer many opportunities for them to appear. Most young girls prone to fangirl behavior are not drawn to Tom Clancy's materials, but some fangirls still do exist.

One of the pitfalls of this universe are long, technical, and purple name-dropping lists of guns and military trivia.

Romance is not the focus of the universe materials, so little bad romance or slash can be found. Gary Stus have plenty of leeway to be annoyingly invincible and "awesome," though.

Fans of the video games are not always the same people that are fans of the books, and universe confusion due to the many, many book installments, movies, and video games can be expected.

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