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Behold the Lemming in its natural habitat. Photo credit: Brookelle Bones.

"Quotev really seems to exist beyond time and progress. The mistakes made are the kind you'd think everyone would have learnt, by now, not to make! It's like when they discover the secret lands beneath the earth or Lemuria or whatever, and it's the modern age, but in these places, there are still dinosaurs and cavemen and stuff. That's what Quotev's like."
Larfen J. Stock, esq, in the Discord chat

The Circle of Lemmings, also known as Quotev, has been identified by a number of PPCers as a source of Sueage most foul, surpassing even the Pit of Voles for the terrible quality of its fanfic. (Probably because even the Pit of Voles has quite a lot of goodfics, which unfortunately tend to get overshadowed by the badfics.)


The site appears to be aimed at exactly the demographic that produces the most Suefic. It allows writers to format their stories with a variety of fonts and colors, and to include images. Sunglasses are advised when setting foot within the Circle.

The Circle of Lemmings has been described by some as "Facebook for Suethors," since it sports numerous places to chat and socially interact with other writers, beyond private messaging and fic comments. The name also proves unusually apt, because a majority of the Sue-sludge is just the same set of character types recycled over and over again in different fics of varying degrees of eye-burning. Indeed, stepping into the Circle feels like stepping into the Pit of Voles in the days before the OFUs and the PPC.

The site also hosts a large amount of Real Person Fic, mostly focusing on Justin Bieber and One Direction. One or both might appear in other fanfiction as well, just because the Suethor loves them.

Fics on the Circle often include character profiles in the very beginning (it's like getting a dossier on the Sue before the trainwreck) and links to online collage site Polyvore throughout the fic so the Sue can showcase her wardrobe without wasting her words on bad fashion descriptions.

Besides fanfiction, the Circle also hosts original fiction (usually not much better than the fanfiction) and quizzes, and the enigmatic "Build A Boyfriend" feature.


Annoyingly, the Circle uses a form of Nocopy to prevent visitors from highlighting and copying text. This would make the PPC's job rather difficult, but fortunately, intrepid Boarders have come up with several workarounds.

The Laws of Lemmings[]

There are two laws to keep in mind when traversing the glittery muck that is the Circle, and they are:

  1. If it exists, its tag on the Circle of Lemmings has the worst fanfiction for it (only exceptions are fandoms without attractive male leads or that are too old or obscure for the average preteen/teenage fanbrat).
  2. For every Lemmings fic read, there will be another in the tag even worse than it.

It's a black hole of Sueness. Enter at your own risk.

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