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Cinderella (often referred to as Cindy) is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is partnered with Anneli Rodriguez and Xanthus Garkaran, and she is written by Herr Wozzeck.


Cinderella first appeared in the Harry Potter fanfiction "My Dragons, Your Phoenix, His Death Eaters," in which she was part of a group of witches headed by the infamous Heather Draconius. In this story, she was a werewolf who went to Beauxbatons with the Sue in question and got dragged along on her adventures to take down Lord Voldemort.[1]

She was recruited to the PPC by Agents Maria Nightingale, Mark Sienna, Cadmar, and Miah Arthur, along with her friends Aurora and Belle. The three of them went their separate ways, but it is implied that they may still keep in touch. When she went to the PPC, Cinderella went through an operation that robbed her of her lycanthropy, but she doesn't mind.


Cindy is a rather kindhearted soul, stemming from the fact that she was a werewolf in the Harry Potter continuum. She also will not stand for any Sues who are particularly mean to their friends. Given that she has only had a few friends, she can get a little bit clingy about anybody she meets, as she is afraid of losing companionship. She especially dislikes double-crossers and people who scheme behind the backs of their friends.

Mission Reports[]

Home: PPC Response Center #2183


Partnered with Anneli and Xanthus[]