Christopher Paolini
is the author of the Inheritance Cycle. He is noted for his urple prose, bad characterization, Gary Stu "hero", Cat-On-The-Keyboard Names, and tendency to not have a plot. His books are also a dire example of thesaurus abuse. He has a penchant for stealing plots and concepts from well-known authors, the most evident of them being George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Paolini himself is seen as rather arrogant and presumptuous. This may have been caused by gaining fame at such a young age (having published his first book through the publishing company that just happened to be owned by his parents, Eragon, at age sixteen, which might also explain his attitude and lack of experience at writing).

It has been noted that Paolini's writing is creepily similar to that of Jim Theis, author of The Eye of Argon. Some PPCers believe that Paolini is the reincarnation of Theis, and if so then the end of the world might not be too far off.

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