The Cherry Blossom Tree Official, also known as the CBTO and Sakura-san,[1] is the Flower in charge of the Special Mary Sue and Anime Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.). It uses the genderless pronoun "it."

It apparently models itself after the sakura tree from X/1999, and as such, can't stand crying. The "Official" in its name could indicate that it's a Firstborn, but it could also just be mimicking the Sunflower Official's name.

From its so-far very little screen time, it seems quite demanding of agents to do their jobs. It was very frustrated by having to deal with Agent Keily Shinra in its division.



  1. "It's a Sue. But Not Any Sue . . . It's a CLAMP Sue," MST by Keily Shinra (NSFW)
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