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Cheri was a bit-character adopted from Legendary Badfic For Your Eyes Only, in which she was due to be murdered for no apparent reason. Stormsong, Skyfire, Naomi, and Drake rescued her with the use of a Simulation Generator.

Cheri is a near-copy of Sakura, a canon character from the Naruto continuum, and strongly resembles her, except for the fact that she is two feet tall and has rabbit ears and a bobtail. She often wears gloves and shoes shaped like rabbit paws; in her home fic, the "pet" creatures were born with paws which turned into human hands and feet after they were mated, and some chose to wear fake paws. Originally her hair and fur were pink, but when she was brought into HQ it was decided she should be distanced from the real Sakura as much as possible, and her ears and hair were dyed blue. In behaviour, she is very little like Sakura, being rather free with her affections, though not to the extent the author of FYEO insisted, thanks to a bad case of "show, don't tell". (He called her a slut, but in her first appearance she violently rejected advances from the Naruto Stu, and merely briefly flirted with Sasuke before he dismembered her.) She was renamed Cheri as she objected to being named Cherry, the direct English translation of "Sakura".

Currently she is in the care of Valerie Christaki until Upstairs can find something to do with her.