Chenille is an agent of the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. He is written by Silv.

Appearance Edit

While functionally identical to the canon subspecies of rabbit taguel, due to his badfic origins he is actually an uncanonical hare taguel. The differences are more for principal than anything else.

Like all taguel, Chenille has two forms; humanoid and beast. As a humanoid he's 6’ 5” and 220 lb. He has broad shoulders and messy, shoulder-length, dark brown hair, usually pulled back into a manbun. On his face are four marks; one on each cheekbone and two on the forehead. There are patches of fur on his shoulders and around his neck, wrists and waist. His eyes are a dull red, and he has a hare's tail.

As a beast he weighs about 2,000 lb. On four paws he stands at 4’5”, while on his hind legs he towers over just about everyone at 13’3”. His head, paws, middle and lower hind legs are covered in cream fur, while the rest is dark brown. His eyes are a brighter red and seem to glow with power.

Both forms have long, cream-colored hare ears, though they’re larger transformed.

It’s unknown what clothes other types of taguel have, but rabbit-wearers have custom leather armor that can accommodate their transformations, and he wears his Beaststone as a pendant around his neck. His flash patch is on his left pauldron.

Personality Edit

Chenille is fairly professional and distant when interacting with most, and quite abrupt with his speech patterns, though not because he means to be rude. As a former bit character tailored as a love interest to a canon taguel, he thus suffers from the same night terrors as she – of the night their warren was razed. He’s particularly bad at reading the room and his communication skills are also quite poor.

He has trust issues, also stemming from his backstory; thus there are very few people whom he trusts implicitly. He’s incredibly protective of those individuals, since they're few and far between. Beware threatening them, for he'll fight tooth and nail to keep them safe. He's also protective of children, out of a want to prevent others from suffering the way he did.

Timeline Edit

February 2019 Edit

  • Purportedly appears in an interview with the Fake Multiverse Monitor.

January 2020 Edit

  • Trains Liz on her first mission.

Mission Reports Edit

Partnered with Liz Edit

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