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Chaser Wolf is the author of a Redwall yiff fic entitled "Shadow Rapes Matthias", which should tell you everything you need to know about both the content and skill level. This fic was the first of a trilogy, the other two being "Martin's First Time" and "Martin and Boar". These three fics were deleted shortly after their appearance, though they were saved and MSTed by Agents Laburnum and Foxglove with assistance from various Official Fanfiction University of Redwall characters.

Possibly most memorable for the extremely abrupt mention of the Spellsinger series; while in the process of having sex with Martin, Skipper suddenly starts talking about his "cousin Mudge" who knows a unicorn. Note that Martin does not respond in the least to the word "unicorn". Also features many instances of completely random and dubiously-necessary public nudity.

Also the author of "Donkey Devirginized", an equally unpleasant Shrek lemon.


  • "The otter whispered into his ear, "It's rather difficult not to notice a virgin mouse trying to impale himself upon an otter's cock, especially one like mine, which is larger than most otters."" (Worst possible place to drop an apostrophe?)
  • ""I'm sorry, Martin. I should have warned you about an otter's sexual instincts. You should meet my cousin, Mudge. He's truly lecherous, though he'd tell you it was only with the female persuasion, I know for a fact he's done it with plenty of males, including a large unicorn stallion"."


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