A new member of the PPC, she has yet to get Permission to write her missions, but wanted a page anyway.

Long time fanfic writer and former roleplay administrator, Chase is now twenty and prefers that her real name only be known to people she's known on the 'net for quite a while.

From Suethor to AuthorEdit

Around the time Chase began writing fanfiction (2004-2005ish), she had started two stories under the fandoms Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter. While the former had only small but positive reviews, the latter had one particularly critical rant by another member. In that review Chase had been called out for writing a Mary Sue.

Some research ensued and it was true; Chase was pissed. Afterwards, she started to hold a more critical eye over her works and improved upon them, making herself a better writer.

Quick infoEdit

  • Loves the color green.
  • Reads Marvel comic books.
  • Is engaged.
  • Hates her job.
  • Hides the bodies in the crawlspace of her home.
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