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Charred Grass, better known as Charlie, is an agent in the Department of Floaters. They are written by OrangeFox.


Charlie appears as an anthropomorphic leopard, standing over six feet tall. They have a slender, androgynous frame and are covered in yellowish fur with dark spots. Their eyes are yellow and slitted, not unlike a cat's, and they seem to naturally wear a contented expression on their face. They don't seem to worry much about clothing choices and are thus usually seen in old, generic traveler's clothes unless performing, along with a few accessories pilfered from past adventures.


Charlie is a carefree soul, genuinely unworried about pronouns, nicknames, or other personal details. They have poor short-term memory for negative encounters, or even just most encounters in general, and thus don't hold grudges and rarely take things personally. They have a mercurial thought process and a streak of curiosity that has led to many accidents before, including the dimension-breaking explosion that blasted them into the PPC in the first place.

They have a pleasant, cheery disposition rarely affected by surrounding circumstances. Due to their past adventuring life, Charlie is fairly skilled at socialization, performance, and physical activity, but they're sadly lacking in the brains department, being somewhat airheaded and not very perceptive. In fact, they have a hard time remembering names, basic physics, and words longer than two syllables.

As a bard, they love to entertain, and enjoy singing, dancing, and playing their mandola, though they're only really tolerable with the latter. They find themselves moving and active constantly to leave the worst parts of their adventuring career behind. They can often be found at Rudi's, practicing and providing entertainment for others due to a driving desire to be heard. Charlie loves the simple things in life, most notably music, food, and the subtle art of creating undead thralls.

Charlie also has an array of bardic magic at their disposal they can cast using their mandola. Despite the large amount of spells in their arsenal, they rarely use this magic for much more than quality-of-life improvements, like fixing up their old mandola, creating skeletal assistants to clean around the RC, and making their Bag of Holding smell of aged cheese and sauteed mushrooms.



  • Is blasted into the PPC via a Bag of Holding paradox and is sent on their first mission.
  • Recklessly endangers themself in their second mission.



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