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Agent Charlie is a humanized Imperial Dalek in the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department. He was recruited by Tawaki Penguin in an unrecorded mission that involved a love triangle between him, a canonical Dalek, and a Dalek Mary Sue. Charlie later went on a Department of Mary Sues mission with Tawaki while the DAVD agent's partner was recovering from unknown psychological trauma involving Gimli and a field of radishes.

He has been shown to be more sympathetic than the average humanized Dalek, or at least he fakes it very well. He is also a bit more astute than one would expect from his species, with a talent for piercing questions and quick comebacks.

Charlie plays Cluedo at Rudi's on a regular basis, but often loses to Agent Omicron. He is somewhat irritated by this, especially since Omicron starts every game thinking that the victim did it. After the Blackout, he may have taken part in the climactic Cluedo game between his fellow Dalek and the Doctor.