Not to be confused with Canon Analysis Device.

The Character Analysis Device is used to diagnose non-canon characters, invented by Makes-Things. If a Mary-Sue is detected, the letters flash red and a loud BEEEEEEP is emitted. A read-out might look something like this: [Laurel. Human female. Non-canon. Mary Sue.] In the Original Series, one of these was carried by Jay Thorntree.

The Character Analysis Device functions by detecting levels of Aura of Smooth, and thus can be used to find Sue-created plotholes.

There are several variations on the basic CAD model, including:

  • The Combined CAD, which combines the function of this with the Canon Analysis Device.
  • The mini-CAD, designed for use by the Department of Fictional Psychology. To quote the description in the Glossary of Useful Technology, "the mini-CAD takes a reading not only of character status, but also of morphic stability and personality saturation. The 'mini' is something of a misnomer: certainly the bit that takes the reading is a slim, spindle-shaped implement (excellent for ocular examination), but it hooks up to a full-sized computer monitor. A reading might look something like this: [Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill. Andalite male, adult. BitOrigiBBBitOriginal character. Morphogenic manifold 99.999% stable. 49.359% saturation and climbing.]"

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