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Not to be confused with Canon Analysis Device.

The Character Analysis Device is used to diagnose non-canon characters, invented by Makes-Things. If a Mary Sue is detected, the letters flash red and a loud BEEEEEEP is emitted. A read-out might look something like this: [Laurel. Human female. Non-canon. Mary Sue.] In the Original Series, a version 3.1[1] Character Analysis Device was carried by Jay Thorntree until Makes-Things stopped trusting her with them.

The Character Analysis Device functions by detecting levels of Aura of Smooth, and thus can be used to find Sue-created plotholes.

There are several variations on the basic CAD model, including:

  • The Combined CAD, which combines the function of this with the Canon Analysis Device.
  • The mini-CAD, designed for use by the Department of Fictional Psychology. To quote the description in the Glossary of Useful Technology, "the mini-CAD takes a reading not only of character status, but also of morphic stability and personality saturation. The 'mini' is something of a misnomer: certainly the bit that takes the reading is a slim, spindle-shaped implement (excellent for ocular examination), but it hooks up to a full-sized computer monitor. A reading might look something like this: [Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill. Andalite male, adult. BitOrigiBBBitOriginal character. Morphogenic manifold 99.999% stable. 49.359% saturation and climbing.]"



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