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Agent Cham is an agent currently working in the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department. He is written by Spud Avec.

He is known for having a slight stammer and an anxious demeanour. He also has an unusually archaic manner of speech, which is due to his home continuum. Cham has the unfortunate problem of being allergic to Bleeprin, which, especially in his department, is a very bad thing. His exact time and manner of recruitment are currently unknown, although since he was originally an NPC (and a generic one at that), it seems likely that it was not through being encountered by agents on a mission. His partner claims that they joined around the same time, but it isn't known if this is exactly true.

Cham and his partner, Kalmer, were the first to discover Agent Maxie wandering around HQ. They were responsible for taking her to Medical and later FicPsych.