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Agent Chalk is a tiny wisp of a girl working in the Department of Bad Slash. She is partnered with Agent Jenka.


Chalk was born Connie Girard to French-American parents, along with her older sister. Her mother was known for being a bit overprotective while her sister was very independent, and Chalk frequently overheard arguments between the two of them. Because of this she was never really close to either of them, instead attaching herself to her father and his collection of vintage movies. When Chalk was eight, her family moved to New Caledonia. As such, she grew up hearing about the PPC and their exploits, and was eager to join. She finally did at age seventeen, after her mother finally decided she was old enough to handle it.


Chalk is a movie buff. She particularly loves old black-and-white movies, particularly silent films. She got this from her father, who insisted that a good education had to include such classics as The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Perils of Pauline. She is also a fan of musicals (both film and theatre), and will frequently sing bits and pieces of songs as appropriate. Recently, she has also gotten into video games. Chalk is a very energetic and pacifistic girl, and generally fun to be around as long as you keep your hand on your wallet. The latter is necessary because she has an incurable case of sticky fingers.

The Ship List[]

Chalk is an avid shipper. Here are the people she has admitted shipping so far:

  • Galinda/Elphaba

Mission Reports[]

Home: Firebird766's LiveJournal

Partnered with Jenka[]