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Cerrin is an agent who works in the Bleach fandom, mostly, for the Department of Mary Sues, but will also take various missions from other fandoms. Her partner is Agent Kana Yuuishizu. She is an alternate universe version of an original character from a Runescape fanfiction. She fell through a plothole along with Trip Tiptree, her on/off boyfriend.

Agent Profile[]


Agent Cerrin is of average height and is slightly skinny. She has curly, orange, shoulder-length hair and light blue eyes. She wears the standard PPC uniform of black leather, consisting of a black leather jacket over a pink tank top and low cut leather trousers with leather boots, though she tends to leave the jacket in the response centres.


Cerrin is cheerful and somewhat absentminded. She has a tendency to make silly comments — mostly about random things — which annoys her partner, Kana. She is kind and gentle to almost everyone, but like a lot of agents will become more violent in the presence of a Sue. She will attempt to talk to her Lust Objects, and on one occasion glomped Byakuya Kuchiki.


She and her boyfriend Trip ended up in the PPC by means of a plothole in the fic she was in when a wizard cast a spell to create an alternate universe. This Cerrin is an AU version of the character from that fic, and is nothing like the real Cerrin. She was considered insane enough to be an agent and paired with Agent Kana.

Mission Reports[]

Home: The Department of Mary Sues, Bleach Division

Partnered with Kana Yuuishizu[]