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Agent Cavan Shenn is a member of the Department of Floaters. He is a Zeltron, formerly of the Sith, coming from the Star Wars-verse. His partner is Agent Rilwen Shadowflame.

Agent Profile[]


Cavan is tall and slim, with bright pink skin, long purple hair, and purple eyes. He favours gaudy, at times outrageous clothing, varying between revealing men's clothing, and clothing more associated with women. He has a purple-bladed lightsaber.


On the surface, Cavan appears to be a typical Zeltron party boy: cheerful, outgoing, adventurous, and always up for fun. These traits, naturally, led to a great many solo missions as a Sith, since his sunny disposition tended to fray the tempers of the other members of the Order. Of course, it did make him valuable in infiltration, since nobody would suspect him of being Sith. Gifted with a combination of pheromones, empathy and the Force, he can be extremely persuasive. He is noted for being willing to make a pass at a wide variety of individuals, regardless of their gender. Still, his skills are not to be underestimated, despite his love of all sorts of fun. He has discovered that the standard Zeltron empathy can be twisted to enjoy most emotions... and that the darker ones are easier to inspire.

He is capable of extremely calculated cruelty, unlike his partner, whose violence is more impulsive. While, when angered, Rilwen seems more dangerous, Cavan is far more willing to kill, and with less provocation. Most people, however, never realise this, somewhere along the way dismissing him as an over-sexed happy-go-lucky lunatic.

Currently dating Amber Dashel, to the surprise of just about everybody, including himself. This particular infatuation actually seems to tone down his recklessness and generally infuriating mannerisms... a little, anyway.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Rilwen's LiveJournal

Partnered with Rilwen[]

August 2008