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Gear is stuff a person uses to complete a task. This is not limited to, but does include, agents.

There are many supplies which agents going into a badfic may find useful.

Note that, with only a few exceptions (mostly Sufficiently Advanced Technology), it is highly preferable that any supplies taken into a continuum should be available in that continuum. (Sorry, no flamethrowers in Middle-earth... usually.)

Standard gear for the most popular continua can be obtained at the Supply Depot, the General Store, the Armory, and the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology.

General Supplies[]

  • A sturdy backpack.
  • Bleeprin or its derivatives, to handle the inevitable trauma.
  • Food and water.
  • Rope, zip ties, duct tape, or tranquilizer darts/hypospray/etc. to restrain struggling Sues or insane partners.
  • A camera, if one is a shutterbug and/or idolizes Jay.
  • A music player with a set of earphones. Helps to pass the time and drown out Sue singing.
  • A deck of cards.
  • Your towel.


Useful Technology

A great many useful devices can help an agent on their mission. The most common include:


Agents have used various shiny and often pointy objects to assassinate Sues. A good weapon is an absolute necessity; a backup weapon, nearly as essential.

Considerations when choosing a weapon include:

  • The weapon's status as canonical for the world to be visited.
  • The agent's skill with the weapon. Most have favorites.
  • Assassins dealing with Warrior!Sues may wish to choose a ranged weapon, so as not to come within arm's reach of the Sue and her unrealistic fighting ability.
  • Ideally, a weapon should blend in with the agent's disguise.
  • The agent's department. Protecting yourself from lust-crazed possessed bad slash couples is, after all, quite a different thing from the strategy involved in killing a Sue sniper-style while your partner distracts her with a charge list.


Agents who expect to have to exorcise a Sue-wraith should bring their exorcism kit. It includes the three traditional components of "bell, book, and candle." Agents who forget their exorcism kits have been known to improvise.

  • The bell is any object that makes a loud noise. It can be a literal bell, a foghorn, a trumpet, or even the agent's voice.
  • The book is most important. It consists of the appropriate piece of canon that is being violated by the Sue-wraith. It need not be printed; it can be something like a DVD or a stereo playing an appropriate song.
  • The candle creates light. It can be a literal candle, a flashlight, a lighter, or some other light source. It is an optional component of the ritual, but is thought to make it more effective.

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