This category holds all agents who have been Featured on the Main Page. These agent pages have been edited to meet the highest standards of the Wiki; they are a model of how good Wiki pages can be.

How to make your agent Featured Edit

The Featured Agent slot is open to any agent or PPC staff member whose Wiki page meets the following standards:

  • Complete, in that they include links to all major appearances of the character, and mention all relevant facts about them.
  • Fully referenced or sourced. Minor statements about your own character with no source are acceptable (though discouraged), as are unsourced claims which have stood in the article for a long time (though again, these should be sourced where possible); however, new and major claims should always be sourced.
  • Correctly punctuated, spelled, and... grammared?
  • Contains an infobox with picture. For agents with no description, a 'stand-in' picture may be added until such description is written.
  • Split into appropriate sections, including but not limited to:
    • Personality
    • Appearance
    • Some form of history/timeline
    • A full list of appearances or missions; in the case of widely-used NPCs, this should be restricted to 'Selected Appearances' (which should actually be selected, not simply random).

See also: How to Make a Character Page.

There is no nomination process; if an agent bio you have been working on meets the standards, you can place it on the Main Page at your leisure. Please remember to add it to this category, and to the List of Featured Agents, when you do so!

Previously Featured Agents Edit

The original Featured Agents were nominated as part of the Agent of the Week program, and may not meet the current standards; they have been placed in the category Previously Featured Agents. When they have been updated to the current standards, they should be moved back to this main category.

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