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Like I said before, we're optimistic, but there's no telling how long it will take to build up her confidence again. We can show her the door, but she has to walk through it herself.
Parwill, about xir patient Jeannine Guiles

Castor Parwill is a nurse in the Department of Fictional Psychology. Xie was created by Neshomeh, but is free-to-use.

Character Profile[]


Parwill is pale-skinned, with blue eyes and spiky, flaxen hair. Xie likes to wear xir old Starfleet insignia pinned to xir FicPsych coat.

Parwill is 5'9" and has a fairly fit physique, but without bulky muscles, as per Starfleet regulations. Xir body is androgynous-looking, and since Parwill identifies as agender, xie keeps xir biological sex private.


Generally, Parwill is amiable and optimistic. Xie remains patient and non-confrontational with the patients under xir care, believing that they will recover their sanity if given the time and support necessary.

Parwill can be timid in the face of danger, like during the events of 2008 and at the prospect of being clobbered by field agents with foam bats. In both cases, however, Parwill stuck with xir fellow nurses in spite of xir fears.


Parwill was undergoing training to serve as a Starfleet counselor in xir home universe of Star Trek. The exact details of xir recruitment are unknown, but with xir background, it's easy to see how xie ended up in FicPsych.

Parwill's first recorded appearance is during the Macrovirus Epidemic. Armed with a phaser, Parwill aided in keeping the macroviruses out of FicPsych. At some point, Parwill was sprayed with slime from one of the monsters. Xie was quarantined alone in a room and supplied with an automated IV drip to keep xir body hydrated. Fortunately, the Mirror Multiverse Daleks exterminated the pathogens from HQ in time for Parwill and the also-infected Loquacious Immac to get treatment at the Medical Department. They spent the entirety of the Sue invasion recuperating there.

When the Kudzu told the nurses to create a team for the All-HQ Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich League, Parwill reluctantly agreed to participate. Xie, along with Immac, Mirrad, Nathonea Dewstan, Elms, and Alex Bjørnsen, formed Team Physical Therapy.