Cassandra Claire is a difficult subject when it comes to fanfiction.

On one hand, she was responsible for The Very Secret Diaries, but on the other hand, she was responsible for the Draco Trilogy and wank. Lots of wank. She's also responsible for much of the current Draco Malfoy fanon.

She actually had her very own urban fantasy series published, under the name Cassandra Clare. There is much contention about this and it is up for debate as to whether it deserved to be published.

Cassandra Claire is VERY well known as a flaming plagiarist. She stole from Blackadder, Roger Zelazny, Buffy, and Red Dwarf, to name but a few victims. Her writing style is best characterized by pretentiousness, explanations that are made unnecessarily long-winded in order to hide their illogic, and enough adverbs to kill Christopher Paolini.

The Very Secret DiariesEdit

The Very Secret Diaries are considered goodfic by most of the community, and have their own separate article on this wiki.

The Draco TrilogyEdit

Her most famous work, the Draco Trilogy, is guilty of the following charges at a cursory glance:

  • Plagiarism.
  • Stuing Draco Malfoy.
  • Overly purple description, mostly focusing on how good Draco looks in black.
  • Severe lack of logic.
  • Violent OOCness, particularly in making Draco fall in love with Hermione Granger.
  • Condoning torture-for-information at whim.
  • Having any Slytherin in the fic display a remarkable lack of cunning, thus violating a canonical property of their House.
  • Bizarre typos, such as "We will reveal to you then how you If you can cause Slytherin [...]" and accidentally inserting Harry/Draco by writing ""I certainly am," said Harry cheerfully. "You know, you look a lot like the demon that attacked me in my Draco's bedroom not long ago. Is he one of you? Small, rather striking fellow with no ears?""
  • Doing NOTHING with many pages. (Example: After Harry has been stabbed through the heart but survives due to being drenched in manticore blood Harry and Draco spend six pages arguing whether or not Draco should stab Harry again to see if he dies. SIX.)
  • Most famously, stuffing Draco into a leather outfit. Little do most people know, it was originally Charlie Weasley's, so logically CHARLIE should be the sex god of fandom.

Wikipedia reports that The Times says that the Draco Trilogy is a 'gem of such superlative quality that it enhances one's appreciation of the Harry Potter series.' The mind boggles.

The Mortal Instruments TrilogyEdit

This is Cassie Clare's urban fantasy series. It has met with mixed reviews, and, it must be said, hysterical laughter from most of the ficcing community. It centres around a girl called ... Clary. Amazingly, she has been accused of being a Mary Sue.

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