A caseworker is an agent who works in the Department of Character Protective Services. They may be either a full-time member of the department or a moonlighter who also serves in another department. The latter is by far the more common.

Each caseworker is assigned a specific canon character or set of characters as their ward. When their ward is abused by badfic, the caseworker may be called in to help deal with the fic, even in the absence of other charges.

List of Caseworkers Edit

Almost all the names on this list were taken from the PPC Handbook's "Departments and Agents" section. Many of them were author-inserts and have not appeared in any stories, but are included here for the sake of completeness. Caseworkers are listed by their fandom/section, then alphabetically. The specific character(s) they protect are included where applicable.

Anime Edit

Creepy Bloodstained Victorians Edit

Main article: Creepy Bloodstained Victorians Protection Society

This society wasn't officially a division of the DCPS, but it certainly falls under its purview.

Dragonriders of Pern Edit

  • Erik

Freelance Edit

  • Ringil, Special Agent - Smiter of Abusive Gits

Lord of the Rings Edit

Peredhil Section Edit

Silm Section Edit

Real Person Fic Edit

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