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Cards Against Headquarters is Cards Against Humanity, but with PPC-themed decks. Like the original CAH, it is NSFW, NSFB, and should not ever be played by children. You shouldn't play this game, either, unless you are comfortable with the fact that you and your friends are all secretly horrible people with filthy minds.

Of course, the awkwardness and awful jokes are what makes it really fun. If you start a game and post a link on the Board, you're almost certain to get a few takers. Just try to be aware of other Boarders' personal limits so as not to give any real offense. For an example that comes up a lot, republicans might be fair game among your liberal friends, but some Boarders are republicans, and they will not appreciate their political identity being trashed for lulz. Also, some people may not find jokes about heavy topics such as abortion or suicide to be acceptable for personal reasons. To make sure everyone has a good time, know your fellow players, and if you do slip up, make sure to apologize and know better in the future.

You can avoid some of the risk to your sanity and others' by playing only with PPC decks, if you so choose. They're still rated at least PG-13, though.

Lily Winterwood is responsible for creating the first PPC-themed CAH deck, but several more have been made since.

PPC Decks Edit

These decks can all be found on CardCast and may be used in games on Pretend You're Xyzzy. Each deck's CardCast code, as well as the command to add it, is given here for ease of use.

Some Fandom Decks Edit

Boarders may find these popular CardCast decks to be of interest, too.

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