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Captain Dandy was one of the first Flowers. He participated in the happenings on Origin, forming the Weeds, and following Makes-Things' initiation of the Cascade, took his group of Flowers off to explore the plothole network created thereby.


Captain Dandy Awakened on Origin as part of a grove, with the other Flowers later known as the Weeds.[1] He took his name to symbolise his status as pre-eminent among the Weeds.[1]

The Captain and his Weeds were heavily involved in the testing of plothole stabilisation and mapping technology,[2] and he was the first Flower to travel through a plothole to another planet.[3] When the Sunflower Official founded the Organisation, Captain Dandy was created a Deputy, in charge of the Department of Exploration.[3]

Captain Dandy and the Tiger Lily were the first Flowers to encounter a Mary Sue, and the Captain was the first to engage in a direct mental assault on another creature.[4] Following the Civil War, in which the Weeds formed a major part of HQ's defence,[5] the Captain took personal responsibility for shutting down the final plothole between HQ and Origin.[5]

When Makes-Things set off the Cascade, Captain Dandy and his Weeds left HQ to map the plothole network and try to limit its spread.[6] They returned to Origin through the Cascade during the final evacuation to aid refugees and prevent the government from deploying a weapon known as a Taproot against the main evacuation effort.[6] After Origin fell, the Weeds returned into the Cascade to prevent other worlds meeting the same fate.[6]

Following the Reorganisation, Dandy's Weeds returned and were reorganised into the Department of External Security. They were tasked with protecting HQ from external attacks, taking over one third of the responsibilities of the former Department of Internal Security. They have performed this duty since, rarely being seen in Headquarters except in times of dire emergency; one such time was in 2006, during the attacks on the building, where the DES joined forces with the survivors of the Department of Internal Affairs to fight off the invaders.

In 2011 HST, Captain Dandy assigned Agent Eledhwen Elerossiel and Christianne Shieh to the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction as PPC liaisons.[7] He later asked Eledhwen to infiltrate Happily Ever After, Ltd, the Mary Sue Factory managed by her Suvian clone.[8]

During the 2013 Blackout, Dandy saved the Doctor and Agents Eledhwen Elerossiel and Christianne Shieh from a Weeping Angel in the Hallway of Mirrors.

In 2021 HST, Captain Dandy was press-ganged by a Gary Stu into being a hair adornment. He was Not Amused.[9]