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Not to be confused with Character Analysis Device.

The Canon Analysis Device is a device invented by Makes-Things, primarily used to ascertain if a canon character is OOC and how much, or if there is a character replacement. It is well known for the loud BEEEEEEP it emits when a severely OOC canon is checked. It has also been used to size up situations. Too much OOC, however, has been known to destroy these devices; in fact, they are the most frequently-replaced items of all. They will often, before self-destructing, display gibberish. A CAD that has been overloaded to an extreme extent will actually explode with force roughly equivalent to a hand grenade.

In the Original Series, one of these was carried by Acacia Byrd.

There are several variants on the basic CAD, including:

  • The Combined CAD subset combines the functions of this and the Character Analysis Device.
  • The Heavy-Duty CAD is designed to detect up to 200% OOC, such as in Evil Twins. Newer models list the length of the pole required for such a character to touch canon. Heavy-Duty CADs are usually issued to Despatch to deal with the extreme OOC inflicted on kidnapped characters and the presence of the Author in the fic itself, although some DMS Agents have also appropriated Heavy-Duty CADs.
  • An early model CAD did not burn out as easily, but was constantly amending its readouts.
  • In the mirror multiverse, EPC Agents use Control Analysis Devices.