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Agent Caitlyn is a former Sue currently working as an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Wide Eyed Idealist.

Agent Profile[]


Caitlyn originally had a fairly generic Sue-ish appearance. In an effort to avoid that appearance, she keeps her hair hacked short and dyes it a rather ugly shade of brown. She dresses in uniforms several sizes too big for her to hide her improbable figure. Her eyes were originally "a piercing sapphire blue"; they have grown less bizarre due to Logicillin treatments, but are still a bit peculiar. She is on the tall side.


Caitlyn is extremely insecure and constantly worries about either reverting to Suedom or getting kicked out of the PPC. To avoid becoming a Sue again, she intentionally acts standoffish or downright unpleasant to most people. Her logic is that this will make her widely disliked, which is non-Sueish, so she'll be safe. However, she does occasionally forget, especially if she's focused on the mission. However, her terror of failure means that she's also rather controlling. Underneath it all, though, she does care deeply about most of the people she knows, and she honestly loves her job despite all its stress. She has a domestic streak, although she tries to hide it.


At some point in 2004, Caitlyn was taken from an unknown Howl's Moving Castle fic to the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research, where she remained as a test subject for four years. Most of her memory was erased or blurred during that time. She spent most of 2008 in a coma after being used to test a sedative that turned out to be stronger than anticipated. Due to the shortage of agents following that year, once awake she was removed from the DMSE&R and assigned to the Department of Floaters. Approximately a week after her awakening, she was partnered with Agent Kimmie, and her first mission followed immediately thereafter.

Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with Kimmie[]