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Cadmar is a human agent who joined in late 2010. His missions are all currently in various states of being written, waiting for him to his author to get off his lazy butt and write.

Agent Profile[]


Cadmar's backstory is the generic "born in World One, fell into a plothole" backstory seen in most human PPC agents. Following a crash dummy failure in one of his missions into the Harry Potter continuum, he was possessed and genderbent by a particularly powerful Sue-wraith. He remains genderbent for an undisclosed period of time as a punishment for his behavior following the mission, though the scarring that he was given when partially Sued has been removed by Medical. (Despite his current female state, he will be referred to with male pronouns throughout this article for the purpose of consistency.)


Cadmar is 6'2" and is slightly overweight due to a caffeine addiction. He has brown eyes (poop brown, according to many) and brown hair (chocolate, if you care for specifics anymore) that is usually messy. He likes to dress in "whatever is closest to grab," so his clothing usually doesn't match or isn't aesthetically pleasing. During a DBS mission in Harry Potter, his teeth were accidentally replaced with shark-like ones. After several incidents of biting off his own tongue, and general inability to do much beyond being silly and edgy, he had them switched back to normal. When he was genderbent, he became a bit thinner than he was previously.

Cadmar, after being genderbent


After being more excited and gung-ho for his early times, he has 'settled down', mainly getting rid of the silly shark teeth, and stopped being excessively violent. Some could even call it embarrassed over previous actions. Therapy and general experience have been the cause, or maybe trying to be nice for other people. He still bears emotion scars from his times possessed, and while much more evened out, he still has some obvious issues. He prefers a sense of humor bordering on dark, but prefers to be tasteful when it matters. Puns are also a favorite.

He has shown the ability to pull a bill-hooked cleaver from nowhere. After his therapy, and sometime during the long lapse in time since his last recorded mission, it has lost any blood that clung to it, possibly reflecting his more stable state of mind.

In 2012, he and Cali Still became romantically involved. After a rocky and unsure start, both agreed to keep trying, and have since been going strong.

Pets and Minis[]

He very happily owns Brandyduck, the mini-Balrog, who he first acquired when he accidentally stumbled upon the Mini Adoption Center while looking for the office of the Queen Anne's Lace. He is also the proud owner of the first (recorded) Jurassic Park mini, a mini-Tyrannosaurus Rex named Jurasic park that he got from his third training mission.

Missions Reports[]

Home: RC #481,516,234,277


Partnered with Maria and Mark[]