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Agent Bulldog is a member of the Department of Intelligence, Harry Potter Division. He was created by Architeuthis, but has since been more or less adopted by SeaTurtle.

He returned from a mission circa 2003 HST thinking he was a house-elf (he is really a human, and six foot eight). However, he apparently recovered by 2006.

Bulldog is a tall South African man with short black hair and brown eyes. He prides himself on his impressive physique and is the only known practitioner of neuralyzer-fu, a totally-not-improvised combat technique that takes advantage of the memory-wiping and stunning effects of a neuralyzer. On top of this technique, he is also a successful athlete, turning out a gold medal-winning performance in 2013's New Caledonia track-and-field championships.

He now serves as a mentor for new recruits to the Department of Intelligence. He currently has his hands full with Agent Harris, who is proving to be quite a disaster magnet.