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Building Maintenance is a subset of the Department of Operations that deals in large-scale repairs to HQ. It is more or less headed by Jonathan Rosedale, who is the longest-serving human member of BM and acting manager and foreman. Its flash patch is the Operations quail surmounted by a claw hammer with a red handle.

The division was created by JulyFlame.


Agents in Building Maintenance maintain and repair any broken walls, ceilings, or floors; damaged plumbing; and borked electrical wiring (so long as said wiring does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology).

Building Maintenance is also in charge of any large-scale construction projects that the PPC might need done, including demolishing uncanonical buildings (though this can also fall to action agents, particularly DOGA).

Given the average amount of damage done at HQ by various agents, their work is never-ending.

They primarily operate out of RC 20. It has a front room, which contains a console, and a back room, which contains a battered old desk that tends to be heaped with tools and paperwork.


Building Maintenance was staffed by Weeds until Rosedale joined.

In March 2008, BM helped to deliver TARDISes to agents stranded in the field when a quarantine was declared to contain the Macrovirus Epidemic. They spent the month-long quarantine performing construction work in New Caledonia, where many agents ended up living. Once the quarantine was lifted, they returned to HQ to assess the damage only to find themselves in the middle of a Sue invasion. The first shift encountered Agent Morgan near Medical and agreed to escort her to the Sub Rosa, only to meet Agent Architeuthis along the way and learn that the Head of Intelligence was expecting them. Architeuthis led them the rest of the way to the Sub Rosa's office. There, they helped the Sub Rosa, the Tiger Lily, and Captain Dandy formulate the plan to lure the invading Sues to the Cafeteria, where all but one door would be sealed, turning it into an effective deathtrap.

Known Personnel[]

There are roughly twenty people in Building Maintenance, organized into five shifts of four.[1] The first shift is known to comprise the following people:

Shift 1

Members of other shifts named so far are:

Shift 2
Shift 4

Division Records[]

Records from this division are listed under the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Operations, Building Maintenance.