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A bronze dragon.

The Bronze Dragonflight is a faction of dragons in the World of Warcraft universe. As you might expect, given their name, they are bronze dragons. They are the Keepers of Time, and as such exist outside of time in order to watch the world and make sure that, for example, no ambitious wizards travel to the past to set themselves up as kings when that isn't what happened.

Because their job is very similar to that of the PPC, it is fairly unsurprising that this Dragonflight has a passing awareness of them. They took particular notice when Agents Barid and Brightbeard, a Warcraftverse troll and dwarf respectively, got recruited and started going on missions in Azeroth. The bronze dragons prefer to get others to do the legwork of righting timelines for them, so they're pretty happy to let PPC agents go about their business without interference most of the time. Unless they really screw things up themselves.

One (non-canon) member of the Bronze Dragonflight, Voltarmi, became an official liaison between the PPC and the Keepers in this mission.

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