Brenden Sanderson is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. He is written by Anjilly.

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Brenden has blue eyes and brown hair. And, given his innate love of explosions, he's almost always sporting several healing burns.

Personality Edit

Brenden tends to be somewhat egotistical and annoying. However, he's always happy to help out, albeit in an annoying sort of way. He tends to exasperate his partner, Anjilly Ka, but they get along well enough. Everyone happily puts up with him, except for Singsong Jacobs, whom he takes great delight in tormenting, and who takes great delight in tormenting him right back.

History Edit

Pre-PPC Life Edit

Brenden was born on the planet Naboo in the Star Wars continuum, shortly after Emperor Palpatine's rise to power. Growing up, his dream was to join the Rebellion and fight for justice. One fateful day, en route to meet a pilot with connections to the Rebellion, Brenden's speeder bike took a nasty dive into a plothole, and he wound up in PPC HQ, where he realized there was a much more important fight going on.

PPC Life Edit

Once he'd officially joined the PPC, Brenden was partnered with Anjilly Ka. They killed many Sues together in many different continua, though none of their missions have been released.

In early March, 2008 HST, and about a year into their partnership, Brenden and Anjilly recruited Joyce Odelia Reesin, a Fullmetal Alchemist Mary Sue from a fic with surprisingly good grammar. Joyce became the partner of Singsong Jacobs. Due to their friendship with Joyce and Singsong, Brenden and Anjilly are often mentioned in their mission logs.

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