The Bracket Fungus was the sinister head of the Department of Internal Security, to which he was promoted from working in the Department of Personnel. After being appointed by the Mysterious Somebody in 1993 HST, at the formation of the department, he was driven out with the rest of the Guards in 1999, at the climax of the Reorganisation.

He went on to lead the remains of the DIS as the Black Cats, up until their invasion of Headquarters, where he was present during the battle in front of the Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent. He fought well, being largely immune to his enemies' weapons, until Dassie Hyrax and Nyx Nightingale, pretending to be one of the Mysterious Somebody's clones and Nendil Morifëa respectively, tricked him into going through a portal to Orodruin.

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