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Elves are often fond of bows.

Not to be confused with a , which is a type of staff.

The bow is a weapon favored by many agents, famously including Acacia Byrd. Traditionally, a bow is a piece of curved wood connected at either end by a string and used to fire arrows. The exact construction of the bow depends upon the materials and processes used, not to mention the time and world of origin, but there are two common variations on the basic bow: the longbow and the recurve bow.

Longbows are approximately the height of the wielder, making them about twice the height of the basic bow. While the average bow can be used on horseback, longbows are normally restricted to use by people on foot.

A recurve bow is a bow of any length in which the ends curve away from the user. A recurve bow may resemble a set of ox horns. This provides the bow with a greater draw strength, enabling it to fire arrows farther.