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The Bonsai Mallorn is the small tree that heads the Department of Geographical Aberrations .According to Narto Telyan, it sounds like Galadriel.

Brought into HQ in 2000 HST as a sort of memorial to the Evermind, it was awakened in the Committee Room, and prior to 2004 worked in the Department of Personnel, acting as a secretary for the Sunflower Official. When Dafydd Illian was expelled from the Department of Mary Sues, the Bonsai Mallorn joined forces with him to found DOGA. It has remained in control ever since.

The Department of Internal Affairs suspects the Bonsai Mallorn of harbouring the fugitive Selene Windflower, who vanished from her FicPsych cell sometime in 2013. Given her return to the PPC and (relative) sanity in 2014, they've probably stopped bothering it.