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The Board of Department Heads, also known as the Board of Flowers, has led the PPC since the Reorganisation in 1999 HST. They meet in Room One, former office of the Mysterious Somebody and before him the Sunflower Official, which is now referred to as the Committee Room.

The Original Board (1999 –2006)[]

Up until the invasion of Headquarters in 2006, its members were:

The Second Board (2006 – 2012)[]

Following the death of the Wisteria, the Board was reshuffled somewhat (mostly in an effort to avoid putting the newest department head in the PPC—and a former enemy besides—on the Board). It currently consists of:

In both iterations of the Board, the heads of the three largest Action Departments were given positions, thus explaining the change from the Lichen to the head of the rapidly growing Department of Floaters. Doctor Fitzgerald—the only non-Plant to have held a position on the Board—is the head of the Medical Department, and replaced the late Wisteria, Head of Operations, on the Board.

The Third Board (Current)[]

After the death of the Clover during the events of the Swan's Egg trilogy, the Board of Department Heads was reorganised yet again.

The Fern, as head of the Legal Department, was given a seat on the Board, but in practice never attends meetings.[2] Instead, a representative of another department is invited to serve on a temporary basis. In some instances, the ninth seat is left empty.