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The Bloodwrath is a periodic berserk rage that afflicts some characters in the Redwall continuum, usually badgers. Non-natives of the continuum can start to suffer from it if their disguise is prone to it. It can be controlled through medication and/or combatted with the inherent serenity of a TARDIS's zero room. Father Christmas can suspend it temporarily. Chocolate also works.

In Canon[]

Bloodwrath is almost invariably triggered in battle in the Redwall canon, though the agents who have it can be triggered by, for example, particularly bad Sues, a Sue saying or doing something particularly stupid and/or offensive, or the agent finding he or she has run out of chocolate.

The main symptom of Bloodwrath is uncontrollable anger directed at one's enemies. A creature under the control of Bloodwrath will cease to notice pain or injury and will fight through just about anything in order to reach their target. While the Bloodwrath is activated, blood vessels in the eyes widen, causing the whites of the eyes to turn red. The canonical character Lady Cregga Rose Eyes suffered this symptom to such an extent that her eyes became permanently pink.

Unfortunately, as soon as the rage passes (usually not until the Bloodwrather is incapacitated or the enemy is dead), the pain and exhaustion they should have suffered during the wrath comes back with a vengeance once they finally notice that they are injured. It's also very difficult to think clearly while under Bloodwrath. This may make the Bloodwrath, depending on one's point of view, a case of either Cursed with Awesome or Blessed with Suck.

In the PPC[]

Agents Laburnum, Manx, Tawaki, and Adder suffer from the Bloodwrath permanently. In Laburnum's case, it developed during her student days in the Official Fanfiction University of Redwall. In Tawaki's case, it was contracted from his badger disguise.

Bloodwrath can be a charge unless the character is either a badger or Ranguvar Foeseeker.

"zain" of the badfic "Blood omen," sporked by Redd and Jill Greenleaf, apparently either misinterpreted or ripped off the Bloodwrath to a ridiculous degree; his condition was called the "blood omen" and involved blood actually running out of his eyes during his berserk rages.