'Want anything from the shop?'
—Danny Butterman and Nicholas Angel, Hot Fuzz

The Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy is an unofficial name of a trilogy of films written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, given for two recurring motifs in the films: copious amounts of blood, and Cornettos. It is also called the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. The first two films of the trilogy, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, are both affectionate parodies of their respective genres, Shaun the zombie movie, Fuzz the action film. These films have been heralded as clever British comedies by the majority of critics and normal people across the world, and have coined several now immortal phrases, such as 'Can I get any of you ****s a drink?' and 'Jog on'. The films are also renowned for outrageously large amounts of Ho Yay between the characters played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun and Ed in Shaun, Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman in Fuzz), which has generated more than its fair share of slashfic on the Pit.

I'm not kidding. Not even British parody/comedy is safe from fanfic.

Films in the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy Edit

  • Shaun of the Dead (also starring: Kate Ashfield (Liz), Dylan Moran (Dave), Lucy Davis (Dianne), Bill Nighy (Philip); released 2004)
    • Synopsis: Shaun, a slacker who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, Liz, because of his lack of motivation and inability to keep promises, has an epiphany and decides to sort his life out. However, his epiphany comes at the same time as a zombie apocalypse, and he, his flatmate Ed, Liz and her flatmates, Dave and Dianne, and Shaun's mother Barbara (Penelope Wilton) and stepdad Philip must fend for themselves in the face of zombie death.
  • Hot Fuzz (also starring: Jim Broadbent (Inspector Frank Butterman), Timothy Dalton (Simon Skinner), Paddy Considine (DS Andy Wainwright), Rafe Spall (DC Andy Cartwright); released 2007)
    • Synopsis: Sergeant Nicholas Angel is the best police officer in the London Metropolitan Service, and his skills are making the rest of the cops in the area look bad. In response to this, his superiors transfer him to the sleepy, murder-free (but accident-heavy) town of Sandford, where he and his inept police buddy Danny Butterman must solve a sudden spate of grisly murders.
  • The World's End (not yet released)
  • Synopsis: Gary King, an immature 40-year-old, tracks down his four childhood friends - Andy, Steven, Oliver and Peter - and drives them back to their hometown, Newton Haven, to have another go at an infamous pub crawl - which they failed as teenagers - but this time, Gary wants to make it to the final pub, the World's End. However, once they get there, they find the town, and the inhabitants have been taken over by robots
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