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It seems like the wiki is a little out of date. A few recent missions are missings, etc.

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Wikeye Wikeye 23 April

I completely forgot to write that essay.

I remember promising I'd write an essay on how to do characterization, you have my sincerest apologies that it hasn't come out just yet. I'm quite busy and I will get to that shortly.

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Aurora Morningstar Aurora Morningstar 12 November 2019

Test post.

This is a test post, because someone reported that the blogging function was nonfunctional.

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Six1Five1Six Six1Five1Six 2 February 2019








And now, my name:

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Huinesoron Huinesoron 7 September 2017

FAQ Recalibration

The PPC Wiki's FAQs are honestly a bit of a mess, and I'd like to fix that. Here's the current FAQs and related documents we have, and what I think they should look like at the end of things:

  • 1 The Current FAQs
  • 2 The Revamped FAQs
    • 2.1 Linked in the Board header
    • 2.2 Linked Elsewhere

  • FAQ: The Board - how to use the Board; about half of the questions aren't really asked.
    • Fate: Removed. Information folded into 'FAQ for Newbies'.
  • FAQ: For Newbies - a hodgepodge that jumps from newbie questions to trivia about mission-writing.
    • Fate: massively revamped, cutting it back to an actual introduction to the PPC and how to use the community spaces.
  • Permission - how to get Permission
    • Fate: unchanged.
  • FAQ: For Other People - basically a sub-headinged rant about how awfu…

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Bluepearl6660 Bluepearl6660 7 June 2017

PPC Board archived post- "Hello!"

oh come on(ARCHIVE MADE 5:47 PM 6/7/2017 - CAN BE REPLACED AT ANY TIME)

blue pearl 


Tue Jun 6, 2017 7:36pm

Well, hi, I guess. This is my first post, after all. So, well, that's really it. And also, I apparently decided to write this like I'm actually saying it. 

    • Hi there! — The Triumvirate, Wed Jun 7 11:15am Welcome to the PPC! From your name, can it be assumed that you're a Steven Universe fan? (If so, have hugs. If not, have an Archive Binge of Steven Universe.) Either way, for your Newbie Gift, have a full set of roleplaying dice! Usually, I give them some boring theme like "space" or "chocolates", but yours are all carved from gemstones! Enjoy your murder dice.
    • *looks to the side* Pearl...? — Green Diamond (totally not Matt Cipher), W…

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KoolKoopaGirl KoolKoopaGirl 18 February 2017

Something awesome is happening!

Okay, so, this might not seem like very big news, but I just felt like sharing this with other peeps. :)

I'm writing my own story! It's not a Fanfiction, it's an original story. Namely, a fantasy called Myths of Nymphia. Here's some of what I've worked out!

Five years prior, the Wizards' Council, after sorting out problems in a village, is returning to the Rosemari Palace. Buuuuuuuut disaster, as it tends to do, strikes. A not-so-subtle assassination attempt occurs that kills several mages, General Coral, and the current Lord of the Council, Reyman Ashe. Oh, and did we mention Reyman's daughter Soleil watches his slow, painful death?

And since then, things have changed a lot. For one, Soleil's sixteen now, and serving as the new Lord of the Co…

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Neshomeh Neshomeh 5 February 2017

Guidelines for Role-playing

I'm gonna chuck some thoughts up here just to start getting organized. It will probably change dramatically. I'll put it up for discussion when it's in a state to be worth discussing. {= )

In order to do something well, it is crucial to understand the purpose of what you are doing. In the case of role-playing, that purpose is to create a story in cooperation with other people.

Role-playing isn't quite the same as co-writing. Role-play can be more or less improvised, but is generally more improv than plot. A role-play also has as many main characters as there are players, whereas a co-written story must focus on a select number, like any other story.

In order to work, a role-play must be enjoyable for everyone taking part in it. It is crucial …

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PoorCynic PoorCynic 12 July 2016

Workshop 5: Writing Missions

Class is back in session, good members of the PPC! Hope your pencils are sharp, your erasers are fresh, and your notebooks are free of any errant doodles, 'cause it's time for another workshop. I will be focusing on a vital yet often overlooked aspect of writing: reviewing. As per usual, I will start off with advice and observations before concluding with a writing challenge.

Many thanks to Neshomeh for beta-reading this workshop.

  • 1 Beforehand
    • 1.1 Why Review?
    • 1.2 Reading, Writing, and Reviewing
  • 2 Writing It Down
    • 2.1 Yes, But What Do You Feel?
    • 2.2 The Devil is in the Details
    • 2.3 Make the Time
    • 2.4 Where's the Beef?
  • 3 For the Authors
  • 4 The Challenge

We write reviews primarily to benefit the author. Good reviews can help the author see how well their work reached t…

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RinaAndRanda RinaAndRanda 13 September 2015

Favorite PPC Spin-Offs

For anyone who is interested, I've put together a list of my favorite PPC spin-offs. They're not necessarily listed in any order of preference, just put in as they come to mind.

  • Supernumerary and Ilraen's missions, by Neshomeh. The first spin-offs I ever read, and my favorites to this day. The snark is out the window, and I never fail to laugh every time I read her stuff. Derik and Gall are also pretty good, too, but Earwig (written by Phobos) is another favorite. Who doesn't love a kender? :D
  • Speaking of Phobos, Barid and Eamon. Considering that trolls and dwarves are in opposite factions in World of Warcraft, is it really any surprise these two got paired up? You just can't not love the dynamic they have between them. (Plus, dat accent, mon…
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Neshomeh Neshomeh 16 August 2015

An Agent's Guide to Fire-Lizards

by Jennifer Robinson

So, you've got yourself a Pernese fire-lizard egg. Congratulations! Fire-lizards are great companions: affectionate, intelligent, and quite useful with proper training.

If you're not from Pern, though, you may not be familiar with these beautiful creatures and how to care for them outside of their natural habitat. This guide is intended to fix that. Before we dive in, though, there are three things you really need to know about fire-lizards:

  1. They're not lizards!
    In fact, they're not much like anything in the animal kingdom most of us are familiar with. They are warm-blooded and they don't have scales, so they're not reptiles; they don't have hair or nurse their young, so they're not mammals or monotremes, either.
  2. They won't…
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Hieronymus Graubart Hieronymus Graubart 12 August 2015

Mayhem in the DOM

Title page by Kris (née Miss Graubart):

DISCLAIMER: The Harry Potter series of books was created by Joanne K. Rowling. I'm just playing in her precious and delightful garden, and I solemnly swear to leave it as neatly in order as I found it. If you haven't read these books yet, go and do it now. Then, if you still want more of the same, come back here. Everything you recognize is obviously not my creation, and I don't claim it.

During many years in the Improper Use of Magic Office, Mafalda Hopkirk had seen nearly everything, from magical accidents through thoughtless play to deliberate attempts to fool the Ministry. But this one was new and unexpected. Mafalda glared at the Trace's printout, blinked and glared again, but it did not vanish or c…

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OrangeYoshi99 OrangeYoshi99 28 June 2015

Sooooo... blogs? Cool.

So, I guess that I might post things on here. Possibly. Maybe. Probably not.

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VibravaMajic VibravaMajic 13 June 2015

Games No One Else Knows. Share the games you know but haven't found anyone else who knows it.

Hello people of the internet! I am here to give those gamers out there a place to share their favourite games or, like the title says, games you know but haven't found anyone else who knows it.

Who knows, maybe you'll find someone who has heard of the game.

To start things off I would like to share one of my favourite games of all time: SolaToRobo: Red the Hunter. Haven't heard of it? To be expected. The game is for the DS and is so amazing the theme song has gotten stuck in my head. As of right now I have not found a single person who has heard of it, but maybe one of you guys has. I suggest you check it out, it does have a great plot and cool sprites. It could end up as one of your favourites one day.

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VibravaMajic VibravaMajic 12 June 2015

There are two Chosen Ones in Harry Potter. DEBATE, OPEN!

After watching the very informative show of Game Theory I have decided to listen to them. Their point was that both Neville and Harry could have been the Chosen One. Obviously Harry is the one that everyone knows is chosen, but what do you think about Neville? I suggest you check out that video and make your final thoughts here. The video is on Movie Theory which is connected to The Game Theorists channel on youtube. //Now Closed//

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PoorCynic PoorCynic 18 March 2015

Workshop 4A: Mission Pre-Writing

Missions. I think it's safe to argue that they're kind of a big deal around here. Perhaps even the biggest deal. There wouldn't really be a PPC without 'em. So as you can imagine, it's important to write missions well. The following workshop is the first installment of a three-parter focusing entirely on just that. 

I'm going to be talking about the process PPC writers should go through before they start on their story. That includes picking out a suitable badfic to spork and plotting out a rough outline of what will happen during the mission. As is typically the case with these things, each installment will consist of my own observations and techniques before concluding with a little exercise.

  • 1 Pick Your Poison
    • 1.1 Length
    • 1.2 NSFW Content
    • 1.3 Not…

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RinaAndRanda RinaAndRanda 9 March 2015

My Mission as a PPCer

"The point of the PPC isn't to be mythic heroes ridding the world of badfic, or even knight-in-shining-armor types cleaning one 'verse at a time - the point is that the agents are borderline-nutcases doing an impossibly large job one teaspoon-full at a time, with half-broken equipment that never was enough for the job, and working in the most messed up corporate environment that ever existed. And humor, ostensibly." -Techno-Dann

One of these days, I will finish taking down not only the Legendary Rose Potter series, but Little Miss Mary as well. And hopefully slay my own fair share of Sues while doing it, all the while somehow trying to remain sane. Only time will tell if this will be the case.

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LadyChampion LadyChampion 5 December 2014

Hello, everybody!

I'm really just making this blog post to earn an achievement badge. But since a single line of text is super boring, I have some things to plug!

First up, this guy does hilarious sketches involving various terrible internet comments. Maybe you've heard of him, maybe not. Go watch him regardless, he's very...PPC-ish.

This guy right here writes really good fanfiction/original fiction, and he's currently doing a Nuzlocke of Pokemon SoulSilver. Give him a read, especially his My Little Pony fanfiction!

Also, if you like funny comics, consider checking out LizDraws, formerly known as KirbyDrawer. She has a whole series of Nuzlocke comics, plus FNaF fanart (if, y'know, you're actually into that) and FiM doodles :D

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November14 November14 13 September 2014

hello world!

Hello world! 

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PoorCynic PoorCynic 15 July 2014

Workshop Three: Being a Beta Reader

It might be the middle of summer, but PoorCynic’s school of writing advice is never out of session. It’s time for another (incredibly delayed) workshop/rant/advice/thing. I’ll be covering beta reading and peer editing in this particular post. Subjects I will be touching upon include reading as an editor as well as giving and receiving constructive criticism. As with the previous workshops, I will start with my own personal observations before concluding with a little writing exercise.

Before we begin: many thanks to Neshomeh for sending me an outline of beta advice from two years ago.

  • 1 Give…
    • 1.1 Before You Begin
    • 1.2 In The Loop
    • 1.3 The Once Over
    • 1.4 The Twice Over
    • 1.5 Once You’re Finished
    • 1.6 I Came In Here For An Argument
    • 1.7 You Say Colour, I Say Color
  • 2…

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Dark Brother 16 Dark Brother 16 14 May 2014

Imaginations Collide and the PPC update, 5/14/14

I meant to add to this blog for quite some time, but have only recently gotten the chance to.

I have been doing quite a lot of research into the PPC and its history, and unlike when I tried and didn't get permission, I now know what I am doing much better than I had. A big score for me.

I have also been giving my agents that I used in my previous permission request a needed makeover. I am very pleased with how they are turning out. I may even be ready to ask again soon. Not too soon, though. I don't want to come across as annoying. I may take another week or so to choose new writing prompts and write them well, aside from adding the finishing touches to my agents.

Lastly, I am already planning the expansive careers of my agents, when they are…

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Pippa's Ghost Pippa's Ghost 4 May 2014

Ideas for Agents -- Agent Hild

Ok, so here's the second of my ideas for agents. Feel free to comment below on whether you think she's suitable.

The mixed ancestry is simply because I couldn't find any canonical female Dunlending names, so decided to make her part Rohirrim and use an Anglo-Saxon name instead. (It's not intended to make her speshul, since I like to believe this racial mix probably occurred fairly often, despite Helm Hammerhand's violent attempt at preserving the Aryan racial purity of his people!)

Race: Human (Dunlending, but with some Rohirrim ancestry)

Home Continuum: Arda

Age: 21

Hair: Blonde, usually worn in a messy bun

Eyes: Grey

Partner: Sean Bellman

History: She's from a semi-fic blip, an unwritten Boromance in which she was a member of a group of Dunlending ban…

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Pippa's Ghost Pippa's Ghost 3 May 2014

Ideas for agents - Agent Sean Bellman

Since I've foolishly decided to seek Permission, I'll have to create some agents. Well, maybe "create" is the wrong word. It's more like finding them in all the ideas that dance through my head of their own volition.

So, anyway, here's the first one. (Actually he's the last one I found, but I'm posting them in storyline order. Never mind. It makes sense to me.) Feel free to comment and let me know if he'll be suitable.

Department: DMS

Partner: Agent Hild (at the start of the story arc, although this will change)

Species: Human

Home Continuum: World One

Age: 27

Hair: Dark, cut short

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Pale Brown

History: Sean worked as a reader for a small publishing company, vetting unsolicited manuscripts from the slush pile. As most of them were, to…

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Dark Brother 16 Dark Brother 16 29 April 2014

Imaginations Collide and the PPC

Hello, everyone! Dark Brother 16 here, and I am going to be using this blog to document my progress in creating cohesion and coexistence between the PPC and my own series, Imaginations Collide.

The first thing that I must do is create Imaginations Collide. I have first drafts for several episodes of Imaginations Collide, but nothing has been posted as of yet. I will most likely post the episodes to an as of yet non existent website dedicated to the series.

After that, I will create tie ins with the PPC. I am officially a member of both the PPC and Imaginations Collide (How weird would it be if I was not a member of my own series' staff?), so it's all a matter of working out the wrinkles after I begin posting PPC missions and Imaginations Col…

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Y2k890 Y2k890 14 March 2014

Current Goal

I am planning to get permission when I can.

Unfortunately though, my first attempt has failed. So now I will be working on a complete rewrite of the profiles I originally posted as well as choosing two different writing prompts when I finish rewriting the profiles. 

Having reread the original thread where I was denied permission, I have now decided to completely abandon one of the agents I wrote and keep the profile of the other one. Unfortunately though, I decided to delete the original post of that agent's profile. Fortunately, I remember a majority of the information in his profile.

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The One Who Is The One 2013 The One Who Is The One 2013 11 March 2014

Pointless Thoughts

First blog post. Hello.

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PoorCynic PoorCynic 27 January 2014

Workshop Two: Speech

That's right, folks! Sit up straight and get out your notebooks, 'cause it's time for the second of my possibly many workshop/rant/advice/things. Today's subject will be speech and speaking -- specifically, speeches and speaking done by your characters. I'll go over how to make it, how to intertwine it with your characterization, and how to avoid abusing it. Just as last time, I will begin with my own personal recommendations and conclude with an open writing challenge.

  • 1 Definitions
  • 2 Speech and Characterization
  • 3 Dialects and Foreign Languages
  • 4 We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rules
  • 5 Actually, We DO Need Some Rules
  • 6 The Challenge!

I'll be using the words "speech" and "voice" quite a few times over the course of this post. These are both being used to des…

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PoorCynic PoorCynic 20 January 2014

Workshop One: Characters

I've seen this issue come up on the Board time and time again: hopeful writers presenting would-be that fail to meet the standards of the PPC in their bids for permission. It's a tricky thing, trying to make a good character without falling into a few pitfalls. So, as I mentioned wanting to try my hand at a few workshops in my return message, I decided to start off with character creation. I'l begin with a few tips and tricks of my own and conclude with a writing challenge for all of you.

NOTE: The following is geared mostly towards making PPC agents, but can be applied to creating characters for works outside of our little group as well.

  • 1 The Premise
  • 2 Fleshing It Out
  • 3 From Elsewhere and Elsewhen
  • 4 Find Their Voice
  • 5 The Final Details
  • 6 Your Challen…

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Neshomeh Neshomeh 14 January 2014

What Neshomeh Is Up To

Hi, guys! I've been thinking for a while that I might make use of this blog service to give myself a handy checklist of what I'm doing on the wiki and elsewhere PPC-wise, and to make myself a little more transparent and accountable. This might also give me a place to talk about stuff like obscure orthographic rules, or whatever else is buzzing in my bonnet. We'll see!

  • 1 On the Wiki
    • 1.1 Treatment of Titles and Capitalization
    • 1.2 Updating Department/Division Pages
    • 1.3 Mary Sue Article Rewrite
    • 1.4 Redirects
  • 2 Other PPC Projects
    • 2.1 Writing PPC Stories
    • 2.2 Updating My Website(s)
    • 2.3 Indexing the Original Series
    • 2.4 March Madness Prizes

Status: Ongoing

The "titles" project started with editing all the continua pages, continued into editing all the agent pages, and ke…

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Hieronymus Graubart Hieronymus Graubart 29 September 2013

Contacted Miss Kitty and applied to OFUA.

But now I’m wondering whether I should have read this wall of text near the end before I signed the form and handed it in.

Official Fanfiction University of Azeroth - Application Form:

Name: Anonymous Hieronymus Graubart

Gender: male

Race: human

Hair: brown, receding hairline

Eyes: petrol blue (that’s what my fashion advisor called it)

Skin/Fur: pale pink

Other distinguishing physical traits (facial hair, tail deformities, notches in ears, etc.): spectacles, lots of facial hair varying in colour from brown at the temples to grey at the chin

Allegiance: Alliance / Horde / Burning Legion / Scourge (Choose ONE) Circle of Gennarius

Class: Hunter / Warrior / Rogue / Druid / Paladin / Priest / Mage / Warlock / Shaman / Death Knight / Monk / Civilian (Choose ONE)

If you ar…

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KittyEden KittyEden 22 July 2013


Hi again. I need a bit of help... I'm preparing to write a mission. But I have problems... 1. I don't know how to make an agent page. 2. I need a department to work in. 3. I eed pointers on when and how to step into the story to get rid of the mary sue. 4. No one responds to me!

If anyone could help with some or all of these problems, it would be much appreciated. -~Kitty

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Mimi jones Mimi jones 22 July 2013

Who am I?

I am a professional lurker. I have accounts on both ArchoveofOurOwn (over 650 bookmarks and counting!) and DeviantArt (where you can see my deep and abiding love of Harry Potter, Good Omens, and Discworld fanart) with the username mimijones and MimiJones, respectively. On both, my avatar is the same as it is here.

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KittyEden KittyEden 14 July 2013

Sue Slayers- Now Recruiting!

Hello everyone,

I am the creator and coordinator of a small group of FanFiction writers and/or readers. There are 10 others, but we need more!

For more info, contact me.


KittyEden (talk) 08:18, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

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Outhra Outhra 13 April 2013

Wait, we have a blog function?

Maybe I'll use this for something later.

By the way, does anyone know what time zone the wiki uses? I noticed a disparity in the wiki's time records earlier today that explained one of the editing problems I'd had earlier, but is still a small point of confusion in itself. It would be nice to know what, for lack of a better term, local midnight is.

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Bausiren Bausiren 4 April 2013


Hi! This is really somewhat random, but I'd like to get started on the blog, and this seemed like a good time to do it.

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Master Of Library Park Master Of Library Park 1 January 2013


Er... hi, everyone. I'm Basil. Nice to meet you, I guess. Uh... oh-man-I-dunno-what-to-say. Sorry... bye...

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Meow139 Meow139 20 November 2012

TOS Sues Are Getting Pictures

I'm sure some people have noticed that some of the TOS Mary Sues have been getting pictures recently. Yes, it's true. I'm behind those, and I intend to make visuals for each TOS Sue.

The dollmaker I use gives specific wardrobe sets, and they don't have a Middle Earth set. So this won't be very easy for me to put together, but I really want to try. Don't expect them to be perfect, because some of the Sues (coughKylinacough) have incredibly stupid outfits.

If you like my pictures and want me to make one for a Sue that YOU killed, or even for an agent, ask me here on my talk page. I'm meow139 on the Board, if you want to ask me there.

Thanks for reading!

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KittyNoodles KittyNoodles 5 September 2012

I Adopted a Mid-30's Huntress...

Not on purpose, and not in real life!

One of my friends asked me if she could create a blood elf hunter of her own on my Warcraft account about two weeks back. I thought, Okay, cool, here's a chance to get one of my friends hooked on WoW, and told her to knock herself out.

Well, she did. Hard.

Not physically, of course, because that would be silly and might also cause her serious pain when she woke up, not to mention the risk of concussion and--[really long medical bantering ripped straight from Untold Stories of the ER]. No, I mean she knocked herself out in the most brutal way she could manage it while still remaining metaphorical (and conscious).

Through some rather unladylike - and severely unrepentant - snooping, I discovered something just a …

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Huinesoron Huinesoron 2 September 2012

Doctor Who Theory: The First Question

This post is a sequel to my original Doctor Who Theory: The Children of Time. That is not required reading for this.

Please note: this post contains some spoilers for the most recent episode of Doctor Who , The Asylum of the Daleks. I'll try to keep them to a minimum, but they're still going to be rampant - as it's one of the two episodes I'm building on. There are also unshielded spoilers from various previous episodes. What I'm saying is, don't read this if you're not up to date.

... on the Fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked — a question that must never be answered. (Dorium Maldovar)

The first question! The question that must never be answered, hidden…

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Huinesoron Huinesoron 2 September 2012

Doctor Who Theory: The Children of Time

(Please note: due to new information from the latest episode, this theory is out of date. See my next post for my new theory. It also falls apart a little because of a misremembered quote)

(Please also note: this post contains major unshielded spoilers for episodes of Doctor Who through to The Wedding of River Song (2011's final episode). You have been warned).

... on the Fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked — a question that must never be answered. (Dorium Maldovar)

Silence must fall when the Question is asked. (Dorium Maldovar)

Doctor who? (Dorium Maldovar)

So what do we know?

-In The Forest of the Dead, River Song reveals that she knows the Doctor's name. He …

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KittyNoodles KittyNoodles 29 August 2012

Blizzard Came and Took My Talents!

So the new talent system in World of Warcraft sucks icicles. I had my level 73 Beast Mastery Huntress about two-thirds through the old talent tree system, and now this...new cluster system has wiped all of those out and forces me to choose one talent from each level cluster. And the level clusters are 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90. Six talents.

Also, poor Roahega (my dragonhawk) has only six talent-based powers in place of his original twenty.

With my newer characters, this doesn't bug me so much, because, well, none of them are higher than level 25. But Eroeda's my baby. I fought for a year and a half to get her to where she was pre-Pandaria; I chose every one of those talents as her current location and level demanded them. I hand-picked her ski…

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KittyNoodles KittyNoodles 28 August 2012

Thoughts on the City of Lovers - and Giant Pigeons

So, this past week I traveled to Paris, France with my parents and brother. As I posted on the PPC Board, the first thing I noticed on arrival were the giant pigeons. I was not exaggerating (well, not very much) when I said those things were as big as my cat. I think Pax would have actually lost a fight with one of them, if we had brought her along. They were that big.

Also, my father is no longer allowed to plan vacation days for the family, as he had us walk to the Eiffel Tower and back on the first day (that was a round trip of about six miles, because he can't read maps) and then to Notre Dame and back (about five miles total) on the second day. On the third day, we woke to our feet resembling crispy-fried taters and our legs and backs spon…

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 7 June 2012

Ray Bradbury Dead at 91

The great author of The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451 passed away yesterday morning in Los Angeles, at the age of ninety one.

His grandson Danny Karapetian, says of his passing, "If I had to make any statement, it would be how much I love and miss him, and I look forward to hearing everyone's memories about him. He influenced so many artists, writers, teachers, scientists, and it's always really touching and comforting to hear their stories. Your stories. His legacy lives on in his monumental body of books, film, television and theater, but more importantly, in the minds and hearts of anyone who read him, because to read him was to know him. He was the biggest kid I know."

Ray Bradbury will be greatly missed by his family, friends, fans, …

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Sicktwistedrandomguy Sicktwistedrandomguy 1 June 2012

Agony in Pink - R-RATED

Hey everyone. I'm new here, and I've just written a fic based off of Agony in Pink. It is a retelling of that story, in a less violent, more easy-for-the-eyes way. I really, really didn't know who else to turn to, so here I am, spreading it just now.

Don't worry, you won't need any Bleeprin. Well, maybe some. But not terrible doses, like the original one.

I'm fairly new to this badfic stuff, and this is my tribute to it. It's a badfic/darkfic, more likely. I don't care if it's bad.... I just needed to get it off my chest.



All of the explanations are there. If you have any questions, consult the author's notes after the story. That is, after you've read.

It has not been proofread, and I'm happy for any …

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EileenAlphabet EileenAlphabet 24 October 2011

What I look for in a badfic

Writing fanfic that’s as good as canon is still a bar most fans can’t hope to reach. But the PPC doesn’t look for fic to mock near the bar. It looks past the bar beneath that bar, and the bar under that, and finally peels back the mat underneath the lowest bar and boggles at the grime found underneath. The stories by supposed fans who seem to have forgotten that the high bar even exists. A slightly modified quote by Araeph. (The original can be found here)

I think this quote in not just funny, but also enlightening, because it highlights the fact that it is actually very hard for a fanfiction writer to get his or her fic sporked by the PPC. Not just because of statistics – we don’t know how many agents there are, but we know that they are no…

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JulyFlame JulyFlame 16 July 2009

A Blog? What's this for, eh?

If you're seeing this, congrats, it means you're seeing the newest addition to the wiki added by Wikia.

No, I have no figging idea right now how this could prove handy, but it probably will at some point.


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